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2009-10 Retrospection of Barack Obama’s Ascension to the Presidency: American Exceptionalism Revisited 嚴震生
1976-01 A Review of Essays on the Theory Study Campaign 劉勝驥; Liu,Sheng-chi
2010-09-27 Righting the Wrongs of the Past? The Human Rights Policies of Chen Shui-bian and Ma Ying-jeou. Bowman, Daniel
2013-08 Rise of India 那瑞維
2017-03 The Rise of Social Media and Cyber Mobilization during the Era of Ma Ying-jeou 俞振華; Yu, Eric Chen-hua
2001-09 ROC and International Organizations: US Policy and ROC Approaches 吳玲君
1996-09 The ROC's Economic Diplomacy After the Crisis. Can Money Talk Again? 吳玲君
1998-04 ROC,PRC and Southeast Asia: Taipei's and Beijing's Diplomatic Efforts in APEC and CSCAP 吳玲君
1990-05 The ROC-ASEAN Relations in the Changing Strategic Balance in the Asia-Pacific Region 區鉅龍
1998-03 The Role of APEC in Taiwan-Canada Relations Lee, Chyungly; 李瓊莉
2004-06 Role of Quasi-State Institution in Taiwan's Informationization: A case study of III Hwei-luan Poong
1990-02 The Role of Trade Unions in Mainland China 江振昌
2005-11 ROUGH WATERS AHEAD Holmes, James R.
2010-06 Same bed, different dreams: A comparative analysis of the growth and performance of SOEs in northeast and south China Hu, F.Z.Y.; Lin, George Chusheng
2014-04 Same Evidences, Different Interpretations – A Comparison of the Conflict Index between the Interstate Dyadic Events Data and Militarized Interstate Disputes Data in Peace-Conflict Models 林義鈞; Carlos Seiglie; Lin, Scott Y.; Seiglie, Carlos
1995-12 Sandang Bu Guoban and Political Stability in Taiwan:The Relevancy of Electoral System and Subethnic Cleavage 嚴震生
1996-07 The Search for Parliamentary Democracy: A Comparative Analysis of the South Korean and Taiwanese Efforts 嚴震生
1990-01 Secondary Education in Mainland China 范利民
1990-01 Secondary Education in Mainland China 范利民
2014-11 Seeing or doing? Pitch recognition of batters versus pitchers: A preliminary report Chen, Yin-Hua; Lee, Pei Hong; Lu, Yu Wen; Yen, Nai Shing; 陳尹華; 盧毓文; 顏乃欣
2011-02 Self-consciousness and immunity Lane, Timothy Joseph; Liang, C.; 藍亭
2019-07 Self-identity and Political Socialization Experience of the Overseas Compatriots 鄭夙芬; Cheng, Su feng; Chou, Ying-lung; Pao, Cheng-hao
2006-08 Sense, Sensitivity and Sophistication in Shaping the Future of Cross-Strait Relation 耿曙; 陳陸輝; 黃冠博
2006-12 Sense, Sensitivity, and Sophistication in Shaping the Future of Cross-Strait Relations 耿曙; 陳陸輝; 黃冠博; Keng, Shu; Chen, Lu-Huei; Huang, Kuan-Po
2013 Sequential effects in facial expression categorization 徐慎謀; Hsu, Shen-Mou; Yang, Lee-Xieng

Showing items 701-725 of 4183. (168 Page(s) Totally)
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