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2018-04 Temporal neural mechanisms underlying conscious access to different levels of facial stimulus contents 徐慎謀; Hsu, Shen-Mou; Yang, Yu-Fang
1977-12 Teng Hsiao-Ping and Hua Kuo-feng : A Fragile Partnership 劉勝驥; Liu,Sheng-chi
2011-01 Testing an optimized community-based human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) risk reduction and antiretroviral adherence intervention for HIV-infected injection drug users Copenhaver, M.M.; Lee, I.-Ching; Margolin, A.; Bruce, R.D.; Altice, F.L.; 李怡青
2015-01 The neural mechanism underlying the effects of preceding contexts on current categorization decisions Hsu, Shen-Mou; 徐慎謀
2021-10 Threat Perception and Taiwan’s 2020 Presidential Election 鄭夙芬; Cheng, Su-feng
2011-01 Through the Looking Glass: Trends, Developments and the Chinese Communist Party 那瑞維
2014-02 Time flies when we view a sport action Chen, Yin-Hua; Pizzolato, F.; Cesari, P.; 陳尹華
2017 Timing disownership experiences in the rubber hand illusion 藍亭; Lane, Timothy; Yeh, Su-Ling; Tseng, Philip; Chang, An-Yi
2014-11 To bat or not to bat? Batting eye of elite batters: A preliminary report Chen, Yin-Hua; Lu, Yu Wen; Lee, Pei Hong; Yen, Nai Shing; 陳尹華; 盧毓文; 顏乃欣
1998-01 Township-Village-Enterprises in China in 1983-1995 陳永生
1998-01 Township-Village-Enterprises in China in 1983-1995 陳永生
2006-11 Training Leading toward Joint Operation for Future Conflict in the Taiwan Strait 丁樹範
2016 The Trajectory of Self 藍亭; Lane, Timothy Joseph; Duncan, Niall W.; Cheng, Tony; Northoff, Georg
2006-08 Transactions, Institutions and Identity (Trans-)formation 吳得源
2013-01 Transatlantic space politics: Competition and cooperation above the clouds Wang, Sheng Chih
2010-09-27 Transitional justice and indigenous land rights: the experience of indigenous peoples' struggle in Taiwan 官大偉
2013-06 Transitional Security Pattern in the South China Sea and the Involvement of External Parties Ren, Huai-Feng; Liu, Fu-kuo; 劉復國
1995-11 Transparency: the Views and Practice of the ROC 鄭端耀
1995-11 Transparency: the Views and Practice of the ROC 鄭端耀
1995-12 Two Local Regime Types in China's Rural Industrialization 徐斯儉
1995-06 Tyranny of the Status Quo Taiwan Lobby's Impact on the U.S.-Taiwan Relations 袁易
2010-01 U.S. post cold-war grand strategy in the Asia-pacific region: A policy of containment or a policy of hedging toward mainland China? Sawadogo, Wilfried Relwende; 薩威飛
2002-06 The U.S. Roles in Taiwan's Spent Fuel Dilemma 袁易
1998-06 U.S.-China Nonproliferation Cooperation:Debacle or Success? 袁易
2005-01 Uncertain Prospect of Present Cross-Strait Relations: A Taiwanese Perspective 劉復國

Showing items 826-850 of 4199. (168 Page(s) Totally)
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