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2003 Out of the Closet and into the Political Arena: Can the Internet Become a Location For Queer Movements? 張盈堃; Chang, Yin-Kun
2008-07 Parental beliefs about young children¹s socialization across U.S. ethnic groups: Coexistence of independence and interdependence Suizzo; Chen, Wan-Chen; Cheng; Liang; Contreras; 陳婉真
2013 Parental Bonding Attitudes and Loneliness: Testing the Causes and Links Using Confliction Independence as a Mediator Chen, I. Chieh
2004 Patterns of children’s emotional responses to mathematical problem-solving Whitebread, D.; Chiu, Mei-Shiu; 邱美秀
2006 Paulo Freire批判意識概念重建及其在社區大學實踐經驗之研究 李天健
2020-03 PDS校長的領導創見 ; 實踐策略與辦學績效關係之研究 林進山; Lin, Chin-Shan
1992-06 Pearson correlation vs polychoric correlation: Options of factor analysis for ordinal data 詹志禹
2017-06 Perceptions of university professors in Taiwan towards institutional resource and social capital: Internal and external perspectives 陳榮政; HO, Sophia Shi-Huei; CHEN, Robin Jung-Cheng; PENG, Michael Yao-Ping
2011-02 Perfectionism Implicit Theories of Intelligence and Taiwanese Eighth-Grade Students'' Academic Engagement 施淑慎; Shih, Shu-Shen
2012 Person-fit偵測作假之效用- 非參數試題反應理論的模擬與應用 許嘉家; Syu, Jia Jia
2009-07 Personalized Rankings: A New Ranking System for Taiwanese Universities 侯永琪; Hou, Angela Yung-Chi
2015-11 PISA 2009上海地區數據之多層次分析方法與應用 吳政達; 施佩吟; Wu, Cheng-Ta
2012 PISA,PIRLS,NAEP閱讀素養測驗架構之應用研究 蕭英全; Hsiao, Ying Chuan
2007-05  Policy Implications of PISA,TIMSS & World-Class University Rankings  周祝瑛
2013-04 Positioning design epistemology and its applications in education technology 洪煌堯; Tsai, Chin-Chung; Chai, Ching Sing; Wong, Benjamin Koon Siak; Hong, Huang-Yao; Tan, Seng Chee
2012-11 Positioning Design Epistemology in Asia Pacific 洪煌堯; Hong, Huang-Yao
2008 Power and Resistance: The Study of Gender Education Policy in Taiwan (Unpublished PhD Thesis) Lee, Shu-Ching; 李淑菁
2019-11 The predictive power of life experiences and expertise on differentiating various types of aesthetic experiences in mundane arts 葉玉珠; Yeh, Y*; Peng, Y. Y.
2018-11 The predictive power of life experiences and expertise on differentiating various types of aesthetic experiences in mundane arts 葉玉珠; Yeh, Yu-Chu*; Peng, Y. Y.
2005-11 Predictors of Mathematical Achievement and Deep Approaches: A Comparison Between TIMSS Results of Taiwan Japan and England 邱美秀
2016 Preface: Measuring up for what cause? 周祝瑛
2002-12 Preservice teachers thinking styles dispositions and changes in their teacher behaviors 葉玉珠
2016-01 Principle 1: Quality and Higher Education Providers. In The CIQG International Quality Principles: Toward a Shared Understanding of Quality 侯永琪; Hou, Angela Yung-chi
2007 Principle-based design of technology use to support community knowledge-building 洪煌堯
2008-06 Principle-Based Design to Foster Adaptive Use of Technology for Building Community Knowledge 洪煌堯; Hong,Huang-Yao; Scardamalia,Marlene; Messina,Richard; Teo,Chewlee

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