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2016-06 Is “Vijñaptimātra” ontological or epistemological idealism? 楊志常
2002-09 ISAD(G)在中文檔案描述之應用 薛理桂
2000-10 Islam in the Republic of China--Taiwan 林長寬
1993-08 Islam in Yunnan: a critical survey 林長寬
2000-07 Islamic Revivalism in China during the Republican Period, 1911-1945 林長寬
2007-09 Islamization and the Trajectory of post-Colonialism in Contemporary Malaysia 蔡源林
2006-09 Jainism and Buddhism in Interaction 黃柏棋
2008-10 Jainism and Buddhism in interaction- What does"nigaṇṭho cātu-yāma-saṃvara-saṃvuto hoti" mean? 黃柏棋
Japanese Chemical Industry and the &quot;Chemicalization of Everyday Life&quot; in East Asia, 1895-1945 呂紹理
2008-02 Japanese loanwords into Taiwanese Southern Min 柯惟惟; Ke, Wei-Wei
2018-06 The JCRR’s Investigation on and Conception of Taiwan’s Rural Society during Cold War Era 黃仁姿; Huang, Jen-Tzu
2016-06 Jeffrie Murphy論康德式自律與上帝的誡命 劉若韶; Lau, Edward Yeuk Siu
2020-07 Jing in Early Confucian Thought 王華; Wang, Ellie Hua
2008-12 Journal Bibliometric Analysis: A Case Study on the JASIST Tsay, Ming-Yueh; 蔡明月
2011 Journal Bibliometric Analysis: A Case Study on the Journal of Documentation Tsay, Ming-Yueh; 蔡明月
2013-05 Journal clustering of library and information science for subfield delineation using the bibliometric analysis toolkit: CATAR 蔡明月; Tseng, Yuen-Hsien; Tsay,Ming-Yueh
2003-05 Journal Co-citation Analysis of Semiconductor Literature 蔡明月; Tsay, Ming-Yueh; Xu, Hong; Wu, Chia-wen
2005-07 Journal of General and Internal Medicine and Surgery: An Analysis and Comparison of Citation 蔡明月; Tsay, Ming-yueh; Chen, Yi-ling
2006-12 Journal Self-Citation Study for Semiconductor Literature: Synchronous and Diachronous Approach Tsay, Ming-Yueh; 蔡明月
2005-01 Journal Self-Citation Study in Semiconductor: Synchronous and Diachronous Approach 蔡明月
2009-09 Journey and the play of the world 黃冠閔; Huang, Kuan-Min
2011-12 Kāvya and the Transformation of Indian Buddhism 黃柏棋
2006-12 Kenosis in the Letter of Paul to the Philippians: The Way of the Suffering Philippian Community to Salvation 崔國瑜; TSUI, Teresa KUO-YU
2004-06 Kingship Language Canon and Epic. Buddhism and Sinhala Consciousness 黃柏棋
2014 Knowledge Flow out of the Domain of Information Science: A Bibliometric and Citation Analysis Study 蔡明月; Tsay, Ming-yueh

Showing items 626-650 of 12813. (513 Page(s) Totally)
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