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2007-06 Printing and the Divination Books in the Song 劉祥光; Liu, Hsiang Kwang
1998 Private Governance in Taiwan Kuo, Cheng-tian; 郭承天
1983-12 The Problem of Meaning in Narrative and Ricoeurs Hermeneutics 沈清松
2008-10 The Problem of Pāli as the Canonical Language of Buddhism 黃柏棋
2013-02 The Problem of Sanskrit as the Canonical Language in Buddhism 黃柏棋; Huang, Pochi
2010-01 Problem-based Learning Supported by Digital Archives-Case Study of Taiwan Libraries' History Digital Library Chen, Chih-Ming; Chen, Chia-Chi; 陳志銘
2014-11 Problematizing Love: The Intimate Event and Same-Sex Love in Colonial Korea 陳佩甄; Chen, Pei Jean
2009-12 Proceeding of International Conference on Madame Chiang Soong May Ling and Her Time 沈清松
2014-05 Processing Chinese relative clauses in L2 speakers: Evidence from eye-movement 杜容玥; Tu, Jung-Yueh; Peng, Chun-Yi; Wu, Ming-Da; Lin, Wei-Chun; Cha, Jih-Ho; Sung, Yao-Ting
2013 Processing of Chinese relative clauses by l2 speakers: Evidence from eye-movement 杜容玥; Tu, Jung-Yueh; Wu, Ming-Da; Peng, Chun-Yi; Lin, Wei-Chun; Cha, Jih-Ho; Sung, Yao-Ting
2008-09 Processing of Japanese pitch accent by native Japanese and English listeners 杜容玥; Tu, Jung-Yueh; Wu, Xianghua; Wang, Yue
2020 The processing of Mandarin Chinese tonal alternations in contexts: An eye-tracking study 杜容玥*; Tu, Jung-yueh; Chien, Yu-Fu
2009 Processing of pitch accent in Japanese by native Japanese and Mandarin Chinese listeners 杜容玥; Tu, Jung-Yueh; Wu, Xianghua; Wang, Yue
2019 Processing plausibility in concessive and causal relations: Evidence from self-paced reading and eye-tracking 杜容玥; Tu, Jung-yueh; Lyu, Siqi; Lin, Chien-Jer Charles
2016 Processing preference toward objectextracted relative clauses in Mandarin Chinese by L1 and L2 speakers: An eyetracking study 杜容玥; Tu, Jung-yueh; Sung, Yao-Ting; Cha, Jih-Ho; Wu, Ming-Da
2014 Production of Mandarin disyllabic tones by Japanese learners 杜容玥; Tu, Jung-Yueh
2011-10 The Production, Distribution and Impact of Chemical Fertilizer in East Asia 呂紹理; Lilu, Shao-Li
2018-09 Propagating Sex Radicalism in the Progressive Era: Emma Goldman’s Anarchist Solution 許慧琦; Hsu, Hui-Chi
1994-01 Psychology , Phenomenology and Chinese Philosophy 沈清松; Shen, Qing-song
1998 Public Libraries and Information Society 楊美華
2009 Public Library 楊美華
2016-07 Quantification of breast tumor heterogeneity for ER status, HER2 status, and TN molecular subtype evaluation on DCE-MRI 羅崇銘; Lo*, Chung-Ming; Chang, Ruey-Feng; Chen, Hong-Hao; Chang, Yeun-Chung; Huang, Chiun-Sheng; Chen, Jeon-Hor
2015-01 Quantification of Breast Tumor Heterogeneity for HER2 Status Evaluation 羅崇銘; Lo, Chung-Ming; Chen*, Hong-Hao; Chang, Ruey-Feng; Chang, Yeun-Chung
2014-03 Quantitative Analysis for Breast Density Estimation in Low Dose Chest CT Scans 羅崇銘; Lo*, Chung-Ming; Moon, Woo Kyung; Goo, Jin-Mo; Bae, Min Sun; Chang, Jung Min; Chang*, Ruey-Feng
2015-06 Quantitative Analysis of Breast Echotexture Patterns in Automated Breast Ultrasound Images 羅崇銘; Lo*, Chung-Ming; Chang, Ruey-Feng; Hou, Yu-Ling; Huang, Chiun-Sheng; Chen, Jeon- Hor; Moon*, Woo Kyung

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