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2013 Subject analysis on the field of E-learning research Lee, C.-F.; Chen, Chih-Ming; Tseng, Y.-H.; 陳志銘
2008 Subject Change between Citing and Cited Literature on Digital Libraries Tsay, Ming-Yueh; 蔡明月
2011 The subject structure of randomized controlled trials: an author co-citation analysis 蔡明月; Tsay, Ming-Yueh
2011-05 Sufi Healing and Drug Rehabilitation, the Inabah rehabilition centre of Pesantren Suryalaya in west Java, Indonesia 林長寬
2019-02 Supraspinatus Segmentation from Shoulder Ultrasound Images Using a Multilayer Selfshrinking Snake 羅崇銘; Lo*, Chung-Ming; Wang, You-Wei; Lee, Chung-Chien
2016-12 Survey of Current Conditions and Opinions on Providing Library Services for People with Disabilities in Taiwan 林巧敏; Lin, Chiao-Min
2018-01 A Survey Research into the Practice of Teaching Business Chinese in Indonesia 彭妮絲; Peng, Ni-Se
2014-07 Symbol of democracy Eaton, Joseph; 周一騰
1994-09 The Syncretisation of Chinese Islam 林長寬
2011-03 A systematic approach for integrated trend analysis-The case of etching 李沛錞; Lee, Pei-Chun; Wu, Feng-Shang; Shiu, Chun-Chi; Su*, Hsin-Ning
2001-11 Taiwan needs a presidential papers act 薛理桂
2015-03 Taiwan's "Shuimo Kun Opera Troupe" Kun Opera Teaching and Inherited Learning of Plays 蔡欣欣; Tsai, Hsin-hsin
2013-04 Taiwan, in: International Encyclopaedia of Laws: Social Security law, edited by Willy van Eeckhoutte. 郭明政
2014-01 Taiwanese in China and their multiple identities, 1931—1945 藍適齊; Lan, Shichi Mike
2019-06 Taiwanese Nuns in the Contemporary Era 李玉珍
2013-03 Taiwanese tone sandhi in loanwords 杜容玥; Tu, Jung-Yueh; Davis, Stuart
2012-10 Taiwanese tone sandhi in loanwords 杜容玥; Tu, Jung-Yueh
1988-10 Tao and Man: Chuang Tzu's Metaphysics and Philosophy of Man 沈清松
1999-05 Tao and Rituality:A Critique of Syncretistic Interpretation 林鎮國
2007-11 Tariqah:蘇非行者通往神之道 林長寬
2007-07 Teaching Support of Taipei Senior High School Libraries 楊美華; 陳冠穎
2017-07 Tear Classification using Textures in Shoulder Ultrasonography 羅崇銘; Lo*, Chung-Ming; Lee, Chung-Chien
2004-01 Techne and Ethos - Phenomenological Reflection on a Mental Institution as an Example 汪文聖
2019-06 Techné, Life-world, and Art 汪文聖; WANG, Wen-Sheng
2020-09 Technological Innovation in Libraries 李沛錞; Lee, Pei-Chun

Showing items 1026-1050 of 12699. (508 Page(s) Totally)
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