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2016 Investigating the processing of relative clauses in Mandarin Chinese: Evidence from eye-movement data 杜容玥*; Tu, Jung-yueh; Sung, Yao-Ting; Cha, Jih-Ho; Wu, Ming-Da; Lin, Wei-Chun
2019-12 Investigation and Evaluation of the USIS Taipei on Cultural Sectors in Taiwan 林果顯; Lin, Guo-Sian
2019-12 An Investigation into why Buddhism mixed with Hinduism in Southeast Asia—Indonesia as an Example 黃柏棋; Huang, Pochi
2007-06 The Investigation of Zombie Stories in Zi bu yu and the Sequel Xu Zi bu yu 馮藝超; Fung, Yi-Chao
2007-12 An investigation on the concept of canonical language in early Buddhism 黃柏棋
2011-06 The Invisible Heir 李玉珍
2019-03 Irish Literature and the Formation of Taiwanese Literature in the 1930s 吳佩珍
1998-09 The Iron Rectangle and Taiwan's Distorted Democracy: A New Institutional Explanation 郭承天; Kuo, Cheng-Tian
2005-09 Is Husserl's Phenomenological Psychology a Form of Art?-In Consideration of Reflective Judgment by Kant 汪文聖
2019-01 Is there such a Thing as Chinese Philosophy? Remarks on a Recent Debate 馬愷之; Marchal, Kai Wenzel
2016-06 Is “Vijñaptimātra” ontological or epistemological idealism? 楊志常
2002-09 ISAD(G)在中文檔案描述之應用 薛理桂
2000-10 Islam in the Republic of China--Taiwan 林長寬
1993-08 Islam in Yunnan: a critical survey 林長寬
2000-07 Islamic Revivalism in China during the Republican Period, 1911-1945 林長寬
2007-09 Islamization and the Trajectory of post-Colonialism in Contemporary Malaysia 蔡源林
2006-09 Jainism and Buddhism in Interaction 黃柏棋
2008-10 Jainism and Buddhism in interaction- What does"nigaṇṭho cātu-yāma-saṃvara-saṃvuto hoti" mean? 黃柏棋
Japanese Chemical Industry and the &quot;Chemicalization of Everyday Life&quot; in East Asia, 1895-1945 呂紹理
2008-02 Japanese loanwords into Taiwanese Southern Min 柯惟惟; Ke, Wei-Wei
2018-06 The JCRR’s Investigation on and Conception of Taiwan’s Rural Society during Cold War Era 黃仁姿; Huang, Jen-Tzu
2016-06 Jeffrie Murphy論康德式自律與上帝的誡命 劉若韶; Lau, Edward Yeuk Siu
2020-07 Jing in Early Confucian Thought 王華; Wang, Ellie Hua
2021-05 John McDowell on Worldly Subjectivity 鄭會穎; Cheng, Tony
2008-12 Journal Bibliometric Analysis: A Case Study on the JASIST Tsay, Ming-Yueh; 蔡明月

Showing items 651-675 of 13117. (525 Page(s) Totally)
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