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2015-12 Quantitative Breast Lesion Classification Based on Multichannel Distributions in Shear-wave Imaging 羅崇銘; Lo, Chung-Ming; Lai, Yi-Chen; Chou, Yi-Hong; Chang*, Ruey-Feng
2015-06 Quantitative Breast Mass Classification Based on The Integration of B-mode Features and Strain Features in Elastography 羅崇銘; Lo, Chung-Ming; Chang, Yeun-Chung; Yang, Ya-Wen; Huang*, Chiun-Sheng; Chang*, Ruey- Feng
2019-01 Quantitative Diagnosis of Rotator Cuff Ruptures Using Sonographic Pattern Recognition System 羅崇銘; Lo, Chung-Ming; Lee*, Chung-Chien; Chang, Ruey-Feng
2019-02 Quantitative Diagnosis of Rotator Cuff Tears based on Sonographic Pattern Recognition 羅崇銘; Lo*, Chung-Ming; Chang, Ruey-Feng; Lee, Chung-Chien
2018-03 Quantitative Evaluation of Mitral Regurgitation by using Color Doppler Ultrasound 羅崇銘; Lo, Chung-Ming; Chiang*, Shang-Yu; Tsai, Yu-Shan; Sung, Shih-Hsien
2017-04 Quantitative glioma grading using transformed gray-scale invariant textures of MRI 羅崇銘; Lo*, Chung-Ming; Hsieh, Kevin Li-Chun; Chen, Cheng-Yu
2010-03 Quantitative Mapping of Patented Technology - The Case of Electrical Conducting Polymer Nanocomposite 李沛錞; Lee*, Pei-Chun; Su, Hsin-Ning; Wu, Feng-Shang
2011-01 Quantitative Mapping of Scientific Research — The Case of Electrical Conducting Polymer Nanocomposite 李沛錞; Lee, Pei-Chun; Su*, Hsin-Ning
2016-05 “A Quantitative Study of Chinese Writing Style based on the New Youth Magazine” 鄭文惠; Cheng, Wen-huei; 余青祥; Yu, Ching-hsiang; 何立行; He, Li-hsing
2016-05 Quantitative Texture Analysis of Shoulder Sonography for Rotator Cuff Lesion Classification 羅崇銘; Lo*, Chung-Ming; Lee, Chung-Chien
2013-12 Quantitative Ultrasound Analysis for Classification of BI-RADS Category 3 Breast Masses 羅崇銘; Lo*, Chung-Ming; Moon, Woo Kyung; Chang, Jung Min; Huang, Chiun-Sheng; Chen, Jeon-Hor; Chang*, Ruey-Feng
2010-06 Queen Elizabeth's Language of Clothing and the Contradictions in Her Construction of Images 林美香; Lin, May-Shine
2005-04 Queer That Matters in Taiwan─以翻譯造就的台灣酷兒 陳佩甄; Chen, Pei Jean
2017-07 Queering Cold War: Emotional Others and Perverted Sexualities in Early Postwar Taiwan and South Korea 陳佩甄; Chen, Pei Jean
2021-07 Queering History, Archiving the Future: In Search of Taiwanese Lesbian History 陳佩甄; Chen, Pei Jean
2018-07 Quine's Naturalism and Behaviorisms 鄭會穎
2000-12 Quine的語意窘境 林從一
1993-04 &quot;詩經&quot;語言的音韻風格 竺家寧
2017-04 Radiomic Model for Predicting Mutations in the Isocitrate Dehydrogenase Gene in Glioblastomas 羅崇銘; Lo*, Chung-Ming; Hsieh, Kevin Li-Chun; Chen, Cheng-Yu
2018-02 Radiomic MRI T1WI Features used in Predicting Gene Mutations in Brain Tumors 羅崇銘; Lo*, Chung-Ming; Hung*, Jui-Fu; Chiang, Shang-Yu; Hsieh, Kevin Li-Chun
2010-10 Rang or Yielding with Respect: Reflections on a Confucian Virtue and Its Relevance in the Cross-Strait Realpolitk 蔡彥仁; Tsai, Yen-Zen
2021-05 Rapid Assessment of Acute Ischemic Stroke by Computed Tomography using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks 羅崇銘; Lo, Chung-Ming; Hung, Peng-Hsiang; Lin, Daw-Tung
2013-01 Rapid Breast Density Analysis of Partial Volumes of Automated Breast Ultrasound Images 羅崇銘; Lo*, Chung-Ming; Moon, Woo Kyung; Chang, Jung Min; Bae, Min Sun; Kim, Won Hwa; Huang, Chiun-Sheng; Chang*, Ruey-Feng
2014-02 (Re-)Writing History of the Second World War: Forgetting and Remembering the Taiwanese-native Japanese Soldiers in Postwar Taiwan 藍適齊; Lan, Shichi Mike
2008 Re-creating Memories of Taiwan in China, 1942 – 1945 藍適齊; Lan, Shichi Mike

Showing items 926-950 of 13117. (525 Page(s) Totally)
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