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1998-12 Scriptures and Their Popularization:The Case of the Lun-yu and Hsiao-ching in the Han Dynasty 蔡彥仁
2008 A Self Citation Study on Journals of Library and Information Science Tsay, Ming-Yueh; Chang, Mei-Chi; 蔡明月; 張美琪
2007 Selfhood and Fiduciary Community: A Smithian Reading of Tu Weiming's Confucian Humanism 蔡彥仁; Tsai, Yen-zen
2008-12 Selfhood and Fiduciary Community: A Smithian Reading of Tu Weiming’s Confucian Humanism Tsai, Yen-zen; 蔡彥仁
2020-07 A Semantic Network Instant Feedback System to Improve Online Discussion Performance 陳志銘; Chen, Chih-Ming
2005-04-01 The Sense of Place in Hwang Chun-ming’s Fiction 范銘如
2017-10 Service Quality Assessment for Integrated Library Systems at University Libraries 王梅玲; Wang, Mei-Ling; 張薏婷; Chang, Yi-Ting
2017-11 The Shadow of the Familiar Sailships and the Metaphor of Healing the Country: Wokou and Europeans in Hua Yue Hen 曾世豪; Tseng, Shih-Hao
2010-03 Shakespearean theatre and Colonial Taiwan 吳佩珍
2014 Shanghai’s Dancing World, Cabaret and Urban Politics, 1919-1954 書評 陳碩文
2003-12 The Shaping of a Self: What McDowell's Mind and World Has to Do with His Conception of Self 林從一
2002-12 A Shaping of the Intellect: McDowell's Self in Mind and World 林從一
2009-05 A Shaping of the Intellect: McDowell’s Self in Mind and World 林從一; Lin, Chung-I
2013 Shaping Perception of the Second World War: A Study of Textbooks in Taiwan in the 1940s 藍適齊; Lan, Shichi Mike
2016-12 Shi-fan Music: Names, Evolution, and Clarification of Concepts 吳佩熏; Wu, Pei-Hsun
1993-11 Shih-tao's Ink Bamboos 朱靜華
2015-08 Similarity Measurement of Automatically Detected Breast Tumors from Multi-scanning Ultrasound 羅崇銘; Lo*, Chung-Ming; Chang, Ruey-Feng; Chang, Yeun-Chung; Huang, Chiun-Sheng; Yang, Ya-Wen; Chen, Rong-Tai; Jou, Yi-Sheng
2007-12 The Sino-Soviet Conference, 1924-1927 Tang Qihua; 唐啟華
2014 A slow take on film Eaton, Joseph; 周一騰
2017-10 A Small Detail in the Specification May Save “Molecular Weight” from Being Held Indefinite: A Lesson from Reckitt Benckiser Pharm. Inc. v. Watson Labs., Inc. 陳秉訓; Chen, Ping-Hsun
2005-09 Snakes' Legs: Sequels, Continuations, Rewritings, and Chinese Fiction 高桂惠
1978-05 Soame Jenyns And Samuel Johnson: The Social Application of Theodicy And Its Opponent(1-2) 江金太
2010-04 Social Interaction Mining based on Wireless Sensor Networks for Promoting Cooperative Learning Performance in Classroom Learning Environment Hsieh, Jeng-Cheng; Chen, Chih-Ming; Lin, Hsiao-Fang; 陳志銘
2017-08 Some Aspects of the Research of Postwar Taiwanese Political History, 2014-2015 李福鐘; Li, Fu-chung
2009 Some Observations on the Use of the Future in Rom 6,5.8 崔國瑜

Showing items 976-1000 of 12813. (513 Page(s) Totally)
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