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2014 A slow take on film Eaton, Joseph; 周一騰
2017-10 A Small Detail in the Specification May Save “Molecular Weight” from Being Held Indefinite: A Lesson from Reckitt Benckiser Pharm. Inc. v. Watson Labs., Inc. 陳秉訓; Chen, Ping-Hsun
2005-09 Snakes' Legs: Sequels, Continuations, Rewritings, and Chinese Fiction 高桂惠
1978-05 Soame Jenyns And Samuel Johnson: The Social Application of Theodicy And Its Opponent(1-2) 江金太
2010-04 Social Interaction Mining based on Wireless Sensor Networks for Promoting Cooperative Learning Performance in Classroom Learning Environment Hsieh, Jeng-Cheng; Chen, Chih-Ming; Lin, Hsiao-Fang; 陳志銘
2017-08 Some Aspects of the Research of Postwar Taiwanese Political History, 2014-2015 李福鐘; Li, Fu-chung
2009 Some Observations on the Use of the Future in Rom 6,5.8 崔國瑜
2003-09 Some Thoughts on Intercultural Philosophy and Chinese Philosophy 沈清松; Shen, Vincent
2010 The Soteriological Meaning of Baptism (Rom 6:3; Gal 3:27) in Light of Pauline Apocalyptic 崔國瑜
2018-10 Sous les douze signes du zodiaque 陳碩文; Chen, Shuo-win; Duchâtel, Mathieu
The Southern Academic Network” of Modern China’s Historiography (1911-1945) 彭明輝
2018-11 Spatial Humanities: An Integrated Approach to Spatiotemporal Research 林敬智; Lin, Ching-chih; Blundell, David; Morris, James
2019-06 Spatial Senses: Philosophy of Perception in an Age of Science 鄭會穎; Cheng, Tony; Deroy, Ophelia; Spence, Charles
2021 Special Issue: Wisdom? 馬愷之; Marchal, Kai
2021-01 Spiritual Mother and Intellectual Sons: Emma Goldman and Young Chinese Anarchists 許慧琦; Hsu, Rachel Hui-chi
2015-03 Spirometry Analysis in 3-D Airway Model 羅崇銘; Lo*, Chung-Ming; Chang, Ruey-Feng; Chan, Siwa; Shih, Tzu-Ching; Shao, Wen-Hao
1998-06 Standardized Time: The Adoption of Standard Time System in Taiwan During the Japanese Colonial Rule 1895-1945 呂紹理
2015-01 A State-of-the Art Overview of Computer-aided Diagnosis in Breast Cancer 羅崇銘; Lo*, Chung-Ming
1997-12 Strangification, Rationality and Reasonableness--On the Philosophical Foundation of Psychotherapy 沈清松
1997 Strangification,Rationality and Reasonableness 沈清松
2016-05 Structured Multimedia Reporting System based on Pattern Recognition and Classification 羅崇銘; Lo, Chung-Ming; Tsai*, Cheng-Yu; Hsieh, Li-Chun
2017 Struggle for the right to cover up for family members: The significance and value of the confucian thought “Cover up for family members” in modern society [Prizadevanje za prikrivanje za družinske člane: Pomen in vrednotenje konfucijske ideje o ≫prikrivanju za družinske člane≪ v moderni družbi] Tseng, Weichieh; 曾暐傑
2018-03 Student Learning Outcomes Assessment for an Information Organization Curriculum Based on the Kirkpatrick Framework. Wang, Meiling; 王梅玲
2002-08 The Studies of Traditional Jokes and Humor in the 20th Century China 黃慶聲
2013-10 Study of Electronic Journal Reading Behaviour of Academic Social Scientists in Taiwan and China 王梅玲; Wang, Mei-Ling; Xiao, Xi-Ming; Qing-Hua Zhu

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