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2020-09 The Effects of Video-Annotated Learning and Reviewing System with Vocabulary Learning Mechanism on English Listening Comprehension and Technology Acceptance 陳志銘; Chen, Chih-Ming ; Li, Ming-Chaun; Lin, Mei-Feng
2019-02 The Effects of Video-Annotated Listening Review Mechanism on Promoting EFL Listening Comprehension 陳志銘; Chen, Chih-Ming; Chen, I-Chun
2018-01 The Recurrent Model of Bodily Spatial Phenomenology 鄭會穎; Cheng, Tony ; Haggard, Patrick
1992 The Thematics of Form in The Dream of the Red Chamber: Satires on Readers and Their Entrapments 黃慶聲
2021-02 Theorizing Untranslatability: Temporalities and Ambivalence in the Colonial Literature of Taiwan and Korea 陳佩甄; Chen, Pei-Jean
2017-01 Theorizing Untranslatability: Temporalities and Ambivalences in Colonial Languages 陳佩甄; Chen, Pei Jean
2019-06 The Theory and Practice of Moral and Spiritual Leadership: A Case Study of Elder Han Yu Lin. 陳幼慧; chen, yu-hui
2011-03 The theory of Buddha-bodies in the context of soteriology-focusing on the Mahayanasamgraha Keng, Ching; 耿晴
1997 Theory of Optimal Harmony in Confucianism and Taoism-An Interpretation of the Ontology of Relation in Chinese Philosophy 沈清松
2011-01 This babe-in-arms': Joseph de Maistre's critique of America 周一騰; Eaton, Joseph
2019-06 Three Senses of Atomic Accumulation—An Interpretation of Vasubandhu’s Viṃśikā Stanzas 12–13 in Light of the Abhidharmakośabhāṣya and Dharmapāla’s Dasheng Guangbailun Shilun 耿晴; Keng, Ching
2018-05 Time, the Image of Absolute Logos: A Comparative Analysis of the Ideas of Augustine and Husserl 羅麗君; Lo, Lee Chun
2017-06 The Timing of Turn-Taking in Question-Response Neighboring Adjacency Pairs in Taiwan Mandarin 程珮玲; Cheng, Pei-Ling
2017-12 To Nationalize the Past: The Discourse of &quot;5,000 Year-Long&quot; National History in Modern China 楊瑞松
2020-06 To Nationalize the Past:The Discourse of “5,000-Year-Long” National History in Modern China 楊瑞松; Yang, Jui-Sung
2019-11 To understand Heidegger via Ricoeur 汪文聖; Wang, Wen-Sheng
2017-06 To Write or Not to Write: Wang Jingzhi's Literary and Scholarly Trajectory and the Found First Issue 周志煌; Chou, Chih-Huang
2009-05 Tonal confusions in Mandarin by Cantonese listeners 杜容玥; Tu, Jung-Yueh
2009-04 Tonal confusions in Mandarin by Cantonese listeners 杜容玥; Tu, Jung-Yueh
2013 Tonal errors of disyllabic words in Mandarin by Japanese learners 杜容玥; Tu, Jung-Yueh
2017-09 Tone Acquisition at the One-Word Stage in Taiwan Mandarin : A corpus study 萬依萍; Wan, I-Ping; Yang, Han-Chieh
2016 Tone production of Mandarin disyllabic words by Korean learners 杜容玥; Tu, Jung-Yueh; Hsiung, Yuwen; Cha, Jih-Ho; Wu, Min-Da; Sung, Yao-Ting
2013-05 Tone sandhi in loanwords in Taiwanese Southern Min 杜容玥; Tu, Jung-Yueh; Davis, Stuart
2019-03 Topicalization modulates processing of a new topic in Chinese concession: An eye-tracking study 杜容玥; Tu, Jung-Yueh; Lyu, Siqi; Lin, Chien-Jer Charles
2015-11 A Topology of the Self: Text and Author in Paul Ricoeur 黃冠閔; HUANG, Kuan-Min

Showing items 1126-1150 of 13117. (525 Page(s) Totally)
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