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2010 Vitality: nature and life of imagination in Bachelard 黃冠閔; Kuan-Min Huang
2010-01 Von_Satzformen_der_ontologischen_Thesen_bei_Parmenides, Plato, Aristotle and Hegel 彭文林
1995-06 Was Haben Konfuzianismus und Heidegger dem Heutigen Systemdenken zu Sagen? 項退結
2008-12 Weaving Clothes into Rhetoric: Elizabeth’s Language of Clothing 林香美
2008 Web 2.0概念與技術在我國檔案典藏單位應用之研究 林國勳; Lin, Guo Syun
2013-10 Web-Based Reading Annotation System with an Attention-Based Self-Regulated Learning Mechanism for Promoting Reading Performance 陳志銘; Chen, Chih-Ming; Huang,Sheng-Hui
2008-07 Web-based remote human pulse monitoring system with intelligent data analysis for home healthcare 陳志銘; Chen, Chih-Ming; Hong, Chin-Ming; Huang, Chia-Meng; Lee, Tai-Hung
2011-03 Web-based Remote Human Pulse Monitoring System with Intelligent Data Analysis for Home Healthcare Chen, Chih-Ming; 陳志銘
2009-09 What does the fourfold restraint that a Nigaṇṭha bound 黃柏棋
2019-01 What Is Svabhāva-vikalpa and with Which Consciousness(es) Is It Associated? 耿晴; Ching Keng
2005-08 When doctors met monsters: a survey of scholarly physicians’ attitudes towards “demonic affliction” in 15th-18th century China 陳秀芬; Chen, Hsiu-fen
2018-06 When Irish Literature Encountered Formosa: On the Incident of Tabani and Kikuchi Kan’s The Son of the Rebel 吳佩珍; WU, Peichen
2017-11 Where Does the “Lion” Come From? On the Origin of Liang Qichao’s “Sleeping Lion” Symbol 楊瑞松; Yang, Jui-sung
2007 Whither aboriginal education? Kung, Wen-chi; Garuljigulj, Rutamekan; Sun, Ta-chuan; Wang, Ming-huey
2017-01 Whole Breast Ultrasound for Breast Screening and Archiving 羅崇銘; Lo*, Chung-Ming; Huang, Chiun-Sheng; Yang, Ya-Wen; Chen, Rong-Tai; Lo, Chao; Cheng, Ching-Fen; Chang*, Ruey-Feng
2010 Whosestory is it? - Postmodernism, history and &quot;historiographic metafiction&quot; in the context of Taiwanese literature Benesova, J.; 裴海燕
2014-01 Why Were There No Great Chinese Paintings in American Museums Before the Twentieth Century 朱靜華; Ju, Jane C.
1997-06 Wilfred Cantwell Smith,What Is Scripture?A Comparative Approach 蔡彥仁
2013 The wiseman and the sage: Metaphysics as wisdom in aristotle and the neo-confucian school of principle Camus, Rina Marie; 甘海寧
1967 Wohin fuehrt der Weg des Chinesen? 項退結
2009 Word prosody in loanword phonology 杜容玥; Davis, Stuart; Tu, Jung-Yueh
2009-09 Writing the body techniques for prolonging life in 16th-17th century China: why and how? 陳秀芬
2008-04-01 Wu Xinrong’s Search for a National Self in Early Postwar Taiwan, 1945-1955 曾士榮
2019-11 Xunzi and Hume on Moral Judgment 王華; Wang, Ellie Hua
2005-09 Xunzi as a Semantic Inferentialist 林從一

Showing items 1151-1175 of 12711. (509 Page(s) Totally)
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