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2011-01 Noun Modification of &quot;A-i&quot; and &quot;A-kuno&quot; 王淑琴; Wang, Shu-Chin
2009-06 Novela negra, history and women''s autobiographical discourse: An Appropach to La hija del canibal 楊瓊瑩; Yang, Chung-ying
2006-06 Novela Negra, History and Women's Autobiographical Discourse: The Case of Rosa Montero's La Hija del Canibal 楊瓊瑩
1989-10 NTUMT strategy for prepositional-phrase attachment Chui, Ka-Wai; Lin, Yia-Ping; Huang, Shuanfan
2011-11 Number of sense effects of Chinese disyllabic compounds in the two hemispheres Huang, Chih Ying; Lee, C.-Y.; Huang, H.-W.; Chou, C.-J.; 黃騭瑩
2020 Numeral base, numeral classifier, and noun: Word order harmonization 何萬順; Her, One-Soon; Tang, Marc
2010-06 Numeral Classifier Buah in Malay: A Corpus-based Study 鍾曉芳; Chung, Siaw-Fong
2017 Nガデキル構文の研究 邱姿維; Chiu, Tzuwei
2009-12 Occidente y la caída de la dinastía Qing: del Imperio a la República de China 馬里奧; Oliván, Mario Santander
2014 Of-constructions in the Predicate of demonstrate and show in Academic Discourse. 鍾曉芳; Chen, Li-yin; Chung, Siaw-Fong
2007-02 On correlating aphasic errors with speech errors in Mandarin 萬依萍; Wan,I.-Ping
2001 On Hakka BUN: A Case of Polygrammaticalization Lai,Huei-ling; 賴惠玲
2001-07 On Hakka BUN: A case of polygrammticalization 賴惠玲; Lai,Huei-ling
2014-08 On Marriage: Off-Skew and Out-of-Center (An Approach via Michel Foucault) 羅狼仁
1998-07 On Marriage: The Views of Michel Foucault 羅狼仁
2002-01 On semantic relatedness of the Mandarin polysemous word CHU 賴惠玲; 林素朱
2014-10 On silent elements: A case study of grand and its silent entourage. 何萬順; 蔡慧瑾; Her, One-Soon; Tsai, Hui-Chin
1994-09 On Syncretization of Islon in China 林長寬
2018-11 On Tag Questions in Chinese: From the Perspective of Confirmation versus Information Questions 何萬順; Her, One-Soon; Chen, Yupin
2003-03 On the Appropriateness for Introducing an Early-Start English Curriculum at the Primary Grades in Taiwan 余明忠
2003-03 On the appropriateness for introducing an early-start English curriculum at the primary grades in Taiwan 余明忠; Yu, Ming-chung
1992 On the interaction between structure and lexicon One-Soon Her
1991 On the Mandarin possessive and existential verb YOU and its idiomatic expressions 何萬順
2010-07 On the Naqshbandiyya in Northwest China Lipman, Jonathan N.; 趙秋蒂; CHAO, Chiu-Ti; 張中復; CHANG, Chung-fu
2007-10 On the phonological organization of Mandarin tones 萬依萍; Wan,I-Ping

Showing items 1226-1250 of 6027. (242 Page(s) Totally)
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