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2015-06 Estudio de las Resoluciones de Traducción en Español del Sorgo Rojo=A Study on Spanish Translation of Red Sorghum 古孟玄; Ku, Menghsuan
2011-09 Estudios descriptivos de la traducción español-chino. Reflexiones sobre la traducción al producto y sobre su didáctica. 古孟玄
2005-05 An Ethic Perspective of Global Cultural Flows: Nadine Gordimer's The Pickup 劉建基
2017-09 Ethnic Languages as Values and Anti-Values: a Belarusian Variant 亞榴申娜
2013-04 Ethnizität in mikrologischen Formen von Bildern und Texten Else Lasker-Schülers 蔡莫妮; Monika, Leipelt-Tsai
2020 Êtres-en-exil à la recherche de Dieu 葛理雅; Sgueglia, Valeria Emi Mara
2020-01 Êtres-en-exil à la recherche de Dieu : Le Livre des ressemblances d’Edmond Jabès 葛理雅; Sgueglia, Valeria Emi Mara
2007-07 Evaluating and comparing in an implicit way: A case study of NP1 V NP2 m5 X constructions in Hakka 強舒媺; 賴惠玲
2016-10 Evaluating and Transforming Workplace Culture in Vietnam Companies by Applying Lean Management 黎氏仁; Le, Thi-Nham; Wang, Chia Nan; Huang, Ying Fang
2005-03 Evaluating Cultural Awareness and Communication Skills Through Simulations 馬誼蓮
2017-01 The evolution of Hakka symbolic code < ngangjiang stiff neck>: A longitudinal analysis in Taiwan Newspaper (客家象徵符碼〈硬頸〉之演變:臺灣報紙媒體縱剖面之分析) 賴惠玲; Lai, Huei-ling*; Liu, Chao-Lin
2004-05 An Examination of Reading/Cognitive Skills in College Entrance English Tests in Taiwan 李美麟
2006 Examining Near-Synonyms: The Case of “Create” and “Produce” 鍾曉芳
2018-06 The Expatriate Syrian Businessmen in Anti-Assad Political Organizations 張景安; Chang, Ching-An
2016-09 Experiencing Cross-cultural Communication in Taiwan: A Qualitative Case Study on Three Learners of Chinese from the West 白玉琪; 招靜琪; Peh, Giok-Kee; Chao, Chin-Chi
1993-10 Explanations of age difference in foreign accent and some implications for teaching foreign languages One-Soon Her
1996-06 The explanatory inadequacy of a higher-order thought theory of consciousness 藍亭; 梁益堉
2007-06 The explanatory inadequacy of a higher-order thought theory of consciousness 藍亭
2006 Explorations in language and literacy learning: A two-year case study on a nine-year-old Chinese-English bilingual child’s Chinese invented spelling 余明忠; Yu, Ming-chung
2018-03 Exploring Genre Pedagogy of Learning Transfer in L2 Writing 劉怡君; Liu, Yichun
2012-06 Exploring Healing Encounters(1)(Part I): Relationships between Sound Space and the Internal Experience of Singing Bowl playing 余德慧; Yee, Der-Heuy
2019-05 Exploring the Role of Language Teacher Agency in Different Teaching Contexts: A Case Study on a High School English Teacher 林子馨
2008-07 The Expressions of Affect in Mandarin Parent-child Conversation 黃瓊之
2002 Expressions of Disagreement in Cross-Cultural Frist Encounters 葉潔宇
1991-03-01 An Extended Topic Chain: A Paragraph Development Madel for Chinese Learners of English 莫建清

Showing items 576-600 of 6043. (242 Page(s) Totally)
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