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2009-04 Film and Video in Foreign Language Instruction. An Empirical-Quantitative Inquiry on the Didactic-Methodological Implementation of Film-Specific Activities in German Studies at Taiwanese Universities Lay, Tristan; 賴漢龍
2018-01 Filtered collocations as features in verbal polysemy disambiguation - A case study of the Chinese verb kao 'bake' 張瑜芸; Chang, Yu-Yun; Hsieh, Shu-Kai
2015 First Language Acquisition of Discourse and Pragmatics 黃瓊之
2011 First Person Marker in Turkic 徐漢陽; Taşbaş, Erhan
2002-09 The Five-vowel System in Taiwan Mandarin 萬依萍
2003-05 The Five-Vowel System in Taiwan Mandarin: A Psycholinguistic Study 萬依萍
2003-08 The Five-Vowel System in Taiwan Mandarin: An acoustic study 萬依萍
2008-11 The Flâneur, the City and Virtual Public Life in T.S. Eliot’s Works 楊麗敏
2001-05 Focus Alignment and Tone Change in Taiwan Southern Min 蕭宇超
2000-03 Focus Alignment in Taiwan Southern Min 蕭宇超
2018-07 'Forced displacement from Syria and Syrian migration rationales, 張景安; Chang, Ching-An
2007-10 Forced Labour for the Third Reich 陶克思; Thonfeld, Christoph
2016-12 Forced to Travel 葛理雅; Sgueglia, Valeria Emi
2015-12 Forecasting Financial Indicators and Providing an Effective Selection Method for Ssppliers 黎氏仁; Le, Thi-Nham; Wang, Chia-Nan; Huang, Ying-Fang
2016-12 Forgiveness in Jane Eyre 吳易道; WU, Yih-Dau
1993-06 Form and Function: Language-learning Strategy of A Second Born 江敏之
2004 Form-function Mappings in the Acquisition of If-conditionals: A Corpus-based Study 柯羽珊; Ke,Yu-shan
2016-06 Formation of a Village's origin and Yamabushi 永井隆之
2013-06 Fortune and the cursed: the sliding scale of time in Mongolian divination Chang, Chung-fu; 張中復
2018-09 Forum on English-medium Instruction Coleman, J; Hultgren, K; Li, W; Tsui, CFC; Shaw, P; Tsui, Cheng‐Fang Cynthia; 崔正芳
2016-06 Fostering Students’ Intercultural Competence in an EFL Classroom: A Case Study of Students’ Perceptions on Digital Storytelling 許麗媛; Hsu, Li-Yuan
1998-09 The Founding Moment: The Formation of Nation and the Spectrality of Empire in "Henry V" 伍軒宏; Wu, Shuan-hung
2016-10 The Fourth Wave of Emigration” vs. “Global Russians”: Self-naming as Actual Problem of Forming Identity 莉托斯卡; Литовская, М. А.; Литовская, Е. В.
2020-09 Fractal Semiotics Modeling of Concept Cup in Religious Texts 柯瓊鎣; Ko, Chiung-Ying
2017-06 Freedom or Constraint: The Speeding Bicycle and the Industrial Subject in H. G. Wells’s The Wheels of Chance 陳音頤; Chen, Eva Yin-i

Showing items 626-650 of 6043. (242 Page(s) Totally)
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