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2008 Assessing motivation and learning strategies using the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire in a foreign language learning context 黃淑真
2013-06 Assessing the teaching and learning performance of English freshmen writing courses by applying Data Envelopment Analysis and Management Matrix. 孟丞書; Montoneri, Bernard; Lee, C. C.; Lin, T. T.
2007-04 Assessment of task-based activities in university EFL classes 馬誼蓮; Martin, Ruth
2017-06 The Asymmetric Occurences of Dou1 and Shao3 in the [Numeral + Measure Word/Classifier + Noun] Construction: A Corpus-based Analysis 陳威佑; 鍾曉芳; Chen, Wei-Yu; Chung, Siaw-Fong
2012-09 Asymmetrical Reciprocity and Shylock’s Gift in William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice 張秀芳; Chang, Hsiu-fang
2002-07 Asymmetry in Mandarin Consonant Articulations: Evidence from slips of the tongue 萬依萍
2007 Attila İlhan'ın Romanlarında Doğu-Batı Meselesi 李珮玲; Li, Pei-Lin
2020-01 Atypical language development 薩文蕙; Sah, Wen-hui
2020-12 Au Pied du Mont des Lettres: Reading Yu Kwang-chung the Translator (2019) by Shan Te-Hsing (Book Review) 吳敏華; Wu, Min-Hua
2015-02 Aufbruch und Bruch in Herta Müllers Roman ‘Atemschaukel’ 蔡莫妮; Monika, Leipelt-Tsai
2016-01 Auge und Blick in Texten Herta Müllers 蔡莫妮
2009-02 Austronesian Languages and Cultures Mapping: Taiwan, Batanes of Philippines, and Melayu of Sri Lanka 卜道
2002 Austronesian Taiwan: Current Strategy for a California Digital Library Publication 卜道
2016-11 The Authentic Alice and the Wrong Alice: The Different Messages between Lewis Carroll’s Novel Tim Burton’s Movie Adaptions 林姿瑩
2009 Automatic Cloze Generation for English Proficiency Testing 史尚明
2008 Automatic cloze generation: getting sentences and distractors from corpora 史尚明
2004 Autonomous Foreign Language Learning in Taiwan: Activity Typology and Analysis 招靜琪
2018-01 Autonomous Learning and Principles for Deep Knowledge 蔣宜卿; Chiang, I-Chin Nonie
2017-11 Autonomy of Indigenous Peoples in Mexico 石雅如; Shin, Ya-Ju
2014-12 Aventura urbana, autonomia femenina y maternidad: Un acercamiento a Caperucita en Manhattan 楊瓊瑩
2006 A’li Bang Bang” Flying Fish Culture: Digital Language and Culture Mapping of Orchid Island of Taiwan and the Batanes of the Philippines 卜道
2002 The Basic Units Processed in the Discourse-Based and Non-Discourse-Based Texts under the Constraints of Working Memory 徐東伯; Dennis Dong-Bo Hsu
2020-01 BCCWJにおける漢語自他両用動詞の用法調査 王淑琴; Wang, Shu-Chin
2013-06 Being Aware is not Enough: Learning Metaphor and Metonymy through Cognitive-oriented Methods 陳怡蓁; 賴惠玲; Chen, Yi-chen; Lai, Huei-ling
2011-08 Being-There: The Ontology of Biopower in H. G. Wells’ The Island of Doctor Moreau 邱彥彬; Chiou, Yen-bin

Showing items 126-150 of 5854. (235 Page(s) Totally)
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