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2001 Toward an understanding of sense of community and meaningful learning experiences in an on-line language education course. 招靜琪; Chao, Chin-chi
2012-06 Towards a Minor Theatre: The Task of the Playmaker in Our Country’s Good 楊麗敏; Yang,Carol L.
2011-11 Towards an analysis of argument alignment in Takivatan Bunun 戴智偉; Busser, Rik De
2016-11 Tradition – Imitation – Innovation. Beobachtungen an den Sangsprüchen des Guter 姚紹基; Yao, Shao-Ji
2011-12 Traductions chinoises du Mariage de Figaro: Problèmes, omissions et contresens. 孟丞書; Montoneri, Bernard
2010-01 Tranceplay Revisited: Experiential Trance and Interactive Drama 羅狼仁; Brian David Phillips
2001-12 The Trans-cultural Charm of Popular Fiction in the Age of Globalization 伍軒宏
2014-10 Trans-laying the Bridge the Chinese Way: A Comparative Study on the Chinese Translations of Apollinaire's &quot;Le Pont Mirabeau&quot; (〈秦磚砌橋:阿波里奈爾名詩「米哈波橋」中譯之比較研究〉) 吳敏華; Wu, Min-Hua
2012-09 Transculturality and the Perception of the Other in Science and Teaching: A Research Outline 陶克思; Thonfeld, Christoph
2020-04 Transformation and Agency of Graduate Students' Cross-contextual English Academic Literacies from an Activity Theory Perspective 宋蓓蓓; Song, Bei-Bei
2017-11 Transformation of Values in Eldar Ryazanov’s Tragicomedy Trilogy: From the Perspective of Cultural Dimensions 吳佳靜; Wu, Chia-ching
2008-03 Translating the Chinese Poet-Immortal: A Comparative Study on Xu Yuan-Zhong’s and Hu Pin-Ching’s English Translations of Li Bai’s ‘Pu-Sa-Man’ 吳敏華; Wu, Min-Hua
1992-12 Translation and Hermeneutics:A Comparative Study of English Translations of Erzi Chengzhou 張上冠
2000-10 Translation and the Possibility of Globality: Derrida on Benjamin on Translation 伍軒宏; Wu, Shuan-hung
2007-07 Translation/Adaptation Dramatic Text/Performance Text: The Matatheatrical Politics in Timberlake Wertenbaker's Our Country's Good 楊麗敏
2005 The Traveling Seminar: An Experiment in Cross-Cultural Tourism and Education in Taiwan 卜道; Blundell, David
1991 The treatment of idioms in the LFG-based ECS machine translation system One-Soon Her; Dan Higinbotham; Joseph Pentheroudakis
2016-01 Türk Dillerinde İkili-Çoklu Kapsayan Ayrımı [Dual/Plural Inclusive in Turkic Languages] 徐漢陽; Taşbaş, Erhan
2020-03 Türk Dillerinde Kuzen Terminolojisi 徐漢陽; Taşbaş, Erhan Şahin
2015 Türk Dillerinde Zamirlerin Dil Bilgiselleşmesi [Grammaticalization of Pronouns in Turkic languages] 徐漢陽; Taşbaş, Erhan
2019-05 The Turkic Kinship System 徐漢陽; Taşbaş, Erhan
2002 Turkiye Turkcesinde Orta Hece Dusmesi; 土耳其語之中間音節脫落現象 曾蘭雅
2003 Two-part Allegorical Sayings Xie-hou-yu in Taiwanese Southern Min: A Cognitive Semantic Analysis 陳宜伶; Chen , Yi-ling
2016-12 Types of Construction of the Sino-Japanese verbs with transitive and intransitive usages 王淑琴; Wang, Shu-Chin
2017 A typological discussion of the predicates expressing possessive meaning &quot;to have&quot; in Taiwan Mandarin and Czech – a learner corpus-based study 林蒔慧; Lin, Melissa Shih-hui

Showing items 1726-1750 of 5851. (235 Page(s) Totally)
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