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2006-11 Character Education in the University EFL Classroom: Demands and Reality 崔正芳
1991 Charles Dickens and the Victorian Middle-Class Family 陳超明; Chen, Chao-ming
2013 Children's formal division of labor in requests Chen, Yupin; 陳郁彬
2004-08 Children's theory of mind and causal explanations 吳信鳳
2013-11 China in the Discourse of Czech Sinologists 林蒔慧; Lin, Melissa Shih-hui
2003 Chinese and American refusals: Focus on second language learners 余明忠
1995 Chinese and English dative shift: A lexical mapping account One-Soon Her; Hui-Ting Huang
2004-01 Chinese college students’ use of English tenses in conversational discourse and its implication for language teaching 李路得; Lee, Lu-de
2008-06 Chinese learners online: Challenges and coping strategies 陳彩虹; Chen, R.
2019-08 Chinese Metaphorical Expressions in Talking About the End-of-Life Journey 賴惠玲; Lai, Huei-ling; Chen, Yi-chen
2003-06 Chinese Morphology: An exploratory study of second language learners'' acquisition of compounds 余明忠; Yu, Ming-chung
2019-11 Chinese Numeral Classifiers Engage Quantity Processing: Behavioral and Neuroimaging Studies 何萬順; Her, One-Soon; Chen, Ying-Chun; Wu, Denise Hsien; Yen, Nai-Shing
1995-02 Chinese segmentation problem 何萬順
2021-07 Chinese Semantic Role Sketch based on Sinica Treebank 鍾曉芳; Chung, Siaw-Fong
2010-12 Chinese Translations of The Little Prince in Taiwan: Problems, Errors and Misunderstandings. 孟丞書; Montoneri, Bernard
1989 Chinese verb subcategorization in a variant Lexical-Functional Grammar One-Soon Her
2019-08 The Chinese ‘PAINLESS’: A Corpus-based Analysis 鍾曉芳; Chung, Siaw-Fong*; Chen, Zhu-Wan; Lin, Meng-Chieh
2011-10 Chinese-English Translation of “Idle Retrospections” by Du Mu and “Thoughts Aroused by the Full Moon” by Bai Chu-Yi 吳敏華
2013 Chinese-English Translation of “Sans Title” by Yu Tafu and “A Memoir of the Lost Capital” by Liu Tzuhui (of the Sung Dynasty) 吳敏華
2015-11 Chinese-English Translation of “Tune: 'Lyrics to the Song of Lady Qi'" by Su Tungpo (1037-1101) 吳敏華; Wu, Min-Hua
2003-12 Chinese-French Translation of the Novella “Chanson d’un cerf-volant” 吳敏華; Wu, Min-Hua
2013 Chineseness as a liminal form of being: Psychoanalysis and Eileen Chang's &quot;Red Rose and White Rose&quot; Yeh, The-suan; 葉德宣
2019-03 Çin ve Türk Kültürlerindeki Tanrı Kavramıyla İlgili Bir Kısım Söz Varlğı Üzerine Karşılaştırmalı Bir İnceleme 曾蘭雅
2019-02 Çin ve Türk Kültürlerindeki Tanrı Kavramıyla İlgili Bir Kısım Söz Varlğı Üzerine Karşılaştırmalı Bir İnceleme 曾蘭雅
2015 Circular tonal chain shifts in Jiaoxian compound words Ling, Wangchen

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