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2007-07 Extending the Logistic Model for Mortality Forecasting and the Application of Mortality-Linked Securities 黃泓智
2012-04 Factors affecting student engagement: An analysis on how and why students learn. 胡悅倫; Hu, Yueh-Luen; Ching, Gregory S
1996-06 Factors Influencing Corporate Philanthropy: A Case Study of Taiwan 謝耀龍
2010-09 Fast Algorithms for Pricing Ratchet Equity Indexed Annuities Chiu, Yu-fen; Chen, Son-Nan; Hsieh, Ming-hua; 謝明華; 邱于芬; 陳松男
2017-06 Feasibility of Promoting Reverse Mortgages and Reverse Mortgage Insurance in Taiwan 謝幸芳; 彭金隆
2013-05 A Feasible Natural Hedging Strategy for Insurance Companies 黃泓智; Wang, Chou-Wen; Huang, Hong-Chih; Hong, De-Chuan
2008 Financial Integration and Economies of Scope: A Cross-Industry Analysis of Bancassurance in Taiwan 王儷玲
2008 Financial Integration and Economies of Scope: An Cross-industry Analysis of the Banking Industry in Taiwan Chen,Lih-Ru; Peng,Jin-Lung; Jennifer L. Wang; 陳麗如; 彭金隆; 王儷玲
2015-03 The Financial Stability Index of the Early-Warning System for Taiwan’s Life Insurers 彭金隆; Peng, Jin-Lung; Wang, Jennifer L.; Liu, Wen-Pin
2010-03 Financial Text Mining: Supporting Decision Making Using Web 2.0 Content Lu,Hsin-Min; Chen,Hsin-chun; Chen,Tsai-Jyh; Hung,Mao-Wei; Li,Shu-Hsing; 盧信銘; 陳炘鈞; 陳彩稚; 洪茂蔚; 李書行
2013-03 A flexible tree for evaluating guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefits under deferred life annuity contracts with various provisions Yang, Sharon S.; Dai, T.S.; 楊曉文
2017-03 Functions of Directors’ and Officers’ (D&O) Liability Insurance and Litigation Risk: An Empirical Legal Study of Taiwan 陳俊元
2005-10 The Future of Pensions in Taiwan 許永明; Shiu, Yung-Ming
2005 A Generalized Least Square Formulation for Multi-period Optimization of Asset Allocation 黃泓智
2012-02 Generating effective defined-contribution pension plan using simulation Yu, Tzu-Yi; Huang, Hong-Chih; Chen, Chun-Lung; Lin, Qun-Ting; 黃泓智
2011-03 Giving Context to Accounting Numbers: The Role of News Coverage Chen,Kuo-Tay; Lu,Hsin-Min; Chen,Tsai-Jyh; Li,Shu-Hsing; Lian,Jian-Shuen; Chen,Hsin-chun; 陳國泰; 盧信銘; 陳彩稚; 李書行; Lian, Jian-Shuen; 陳炘鈞
1999-07 Global Liberalisation of Insurance Services and Harmonization in Insurance Regulation: Reviewing Certain Regulatory Issues in Taiwan 林建智
1999-05 Global Liberalization of the Trade in Insurance Services: Scrutinizing the regulatory inefficiency in Taiwan 林建智
1999-07 Global Standards of Capital Adequacy in Insurance Services 林建智
2018-09 Global synchronization in nonlinearly coupled delayed memristor-based neural networks with excitatory and inhibitory connections Tseng, Jui-Pin
2018-07 Globalization Strategy and Operational Performance of Life Insurance Companies 陳彩稚; Chen, Tsai-jyh
2008-08 HDD and CDD Option Pricing with Market Price of Weather Risk for Taiwan 許永明; Shiu, Yung-Ming
2001 Hedging for Limited Price Indexation (LPI) Liability 黃泓智
2005 Hedging Labor Income and Inflation Uncertainties through Capital Market in Defined Contribution Pension Schemes 張世杰; 蔡政憲; Hwang Ya-Wen
2003 Hedging Longevity Risk in Life Insurance Companies 王儷玲

Showing items 151-175 of 1889. (76 Page(s) Totally)
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