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2002-07 Net Present Value under Stochastic Interest Rates- An Application in Pricing Life Insurance (Taipei) 王儷玲; Jen-Hung Wang
2009-12 New estimators for parallel steady-state simulations Hsieh, Minghua; Glynn, P.W.; 謝明華
2015-01 Non-Life Insurers’ Reinsurance Use and Capital Structure: Evidence from Taiwan 詹芳書; 許永明; 陳柏欣; Chan, Linus Fang-Shu; Shiu, Yung-Ming; Chen, Ber-Shin
2010-04 Non-Myopic Portfolio Choice with Minimum Guarantees Chang,Shih-Chieh; Hwang,Ya-Wen; 張士傑; 黃雅文
2007 Nonspecialized Strategy versus Specialized strategy: Evidence from Property Liability Insurance Industry 王儷玲
1996-03 A Note of the New Regulatory Economics for Property-Liability Insurauce Rate Regulation 陳彩稚
2012-11 On the application of efficient hybrid heuristic algorithms – An insurance Yua,Tzu-Yi; Lee,Yung-Tsung; Huang,Hong-Chih; 游子宜; 李永琮; 黃泓智
2006-03 On the control of defined-benefit pension plans 黃泓智; Huang,Hong-Chih; Andrew J.G. Cairns
2006-02 On the control of defined-benefit pension plans Huang, Hong-Chih; Cairns, A.J.G.; 黃泓智
2012-08 On the Determinants of Derivative Hedging by Insurance Companies: Evidence from Taiwan Shiu, Yung-Ming; Wang, Chi-Feng; Adams, Andrew; Shin, Yi-Cheng; 許永明
2003-07 On the Distribution of Life Insurance Reserves in a Stochastic Mortality Interest Rate and Lapse Rate Environment 蔡政憲; 陳威光; 詹志清
2017 On the Failure (Success) of the Markets for Longevity Risk Transfer MacMinn, Richard; Brockett, Patrick
2017-04 On the Failure (Success) of the Markets for Longevity Risk Transfer MacMinn, Richard; Brockett, Patrick
2010-02 On the Optimal Product Mix in Life Insurance Companies using Conditional Value at Risk Approach Tsai, Jeffrey T.; Wang, Jennifer L.; Tzeng, Larry Y.; 蔡子皓; 王儷玲; 曾郁仁
2016-05 On the valuation of reverse mortgage insurance Wang, Chou-Wen; Huang, Hong-Chih; Lee, Yung-Tsung; 王昭文; 黃泓智
2012-09 On the valuation of reverse mortgages with regular tenure payments Lee, Yung-Tsung; Wang, Chou-Wen; Huang, Hong-Chih; 黃泓智
2010-06 Optimal Asset Allocation for a General Portfolio of Life Insurance Policies/Insurance: Mathematics and Economics Huang,Hong-Chih; Lee,Yung-Tsung; 黃泓智; 李永琮
2008-09 Optimal Asset Allocation Incorporating Longevity Risk in Defined Contribution Pension Plans 黃泓智
2003 Optimal Asset Allocation with Minimum Guarantees 陳姵吟; Chen,Pei-Yin
1999 Optimal Commission Rate for External Fund Management: A Case Analysis of Taiwan Public Employees Retirement System 王儷玲; 呂壁如
2005 Optimal Contribution Rate and Asset Allocation for Defined Contribution Pension Plan Incorporating Longevity Risk 黃泓智
2011-01 Optimal insurance contract with stochastic background wealth Huang, Hung-Hsi; Shiu, Yung-Ming; Wang, Ching-Ping
2007-07 Optimal Investment Strategy for Life Insurance Reserves 黃泓智
2017-12 Optimal Longevity Hedging Framework for Insurance Companies Considering Basis and Mispricing Pricing Yang, Sharon S.; 黃泓智; Huang, Hong-Chih; Yeh, Yu-Yun

Showing items 276-300 of 1860. (75 Page(s) Totally)
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