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2017-06 Deepwater Horizon--The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and Interpretation of Insurance Contract 陳俊元
2005-12 The Demand for Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance: Evidence from Taiwan 陳彩稚
1999 Demand for Market Insurance and Self-Insurance Under Increased Risk Aversion 王儷玲
2008-08 Demutualization and Demand for Reinsurance 王儷玲; Vincent Y. Chang; 賴志仁; 曾郁仁; Chen,Lih-Ru; Peng,Jin-Lung; Jennifer L. Wang
2006 Demutualization and Efficiency Performance Changes: Evidence from the U.S. Property-Liability Insurance Industry 王儷玲
2010-06 Derivative Hedging and Insurer Solvency: Evidence from Taiwan 許永明; Shiu, Yung-Ming
2015 Detecting and modelling the jump risk of CO2 emission allowances and their impact on the valuation of option on futures contracts Yang, Sharon S.; Huang, Jr-Wei; Chang, Chuang-Chang; 楊曉文
2000 Determinants of Capital Structure in the Insurance Industry 蔡政憲; Chen Ying-Chun
2014-07 The Determinants of Corporate Image for Life Insurers in Taiwan 陳彩稚; Chen, Tsai-Jyh; Wan, Annie
2018-07 The Determinants of Internal Capital Provision and Receipt via Internal Capital MarketsActivities: Evidence from Intra-Group Reinsurance Activities of the US Non-life Insurance Industry 許永明; Shiu, Yung-Ming; Hsiao, Ching-Yuan*
2006-08 The Determinants of Solvency in the United Kingdom Life Insurance Market 許永明; Shiu, Yung-Ming
2004-12 Determinants of United Kingdom General Insurance Company Performance 許永明; Shiu, Yung-Ming
2012-05 Director & Officer Insurance, Corporate Governance, and Asymmetric Information: An Empirical Legal Study of Taiwan 陳俊元; Chen, Chun-Yuan
2010-08 Directors' & Officers' Insurance, Corporate Governance and Firm Performance Li,Shu-Hsing; Chen,Tsai-Jyh; 陳彩稚; 李書行
2010-08 Directors’ & Officers’ Insurance Corporate Governance and Firm Performance 陳彩稚; Chen, Tsai-Jyh; Li, Shu-Hsing
2008-08 Directors’ & Officers’ Insurance and Corporate Governance 陳彩稚
2002 The Distribution of Policy Reserves with the Term Structure of Lapse Rate 蔡政憲; Weiyu Kuo; Wei-Kuang Chen
2005 The Distributions of Policy Reserves Considering the Policy-Year Structures of Surrender Rates and Expense Ratios 蔡政憲; Kuo Weiyu; Chiang Derek Mi-Hsiu
2017-07 Diversification Versus Strategic Focus: Evidence from Insurance Intermediaries in Taiwan Peng, Jin Lung; Chen, Lih Ru; Wang, Jennifer L.; Tzeng, Larry Y.; 彭金隆; 曾郁仁
2017-02 Does Engagement in Corporate Social Responsibility Provide Strategic Insurance-like Effects? 許永明; Shiu, Yung-Ming; Yang, Shou-Lin
2016-07 Does engagement in corporate social responsibility reduce firm risk? Evidence from China 高惠娟; 許永明; 林楚雄; Kao, Erin H.; Shiu, Yung-Ming; Lin, Chu-Hsiung
2019-12 Does institutional ownership affect the relationship between accounting quality and cost of capital? A panel smooth transition regression approach 許永明; Shiu, Yung-Ming; Tsung-YuHsieh; ArianaChang
2013-06 Does mortality improvement increase equity risk premiums? A risk perception perspective Huang, Rachel J.; Miao, J.C.Y.; Tzeng, L.Y.; 黃瑞卿; 曾郁仁
2018-09 Downs meets d'Aspremont and company: Convergence versus differentiation in politics and the media Guo, Wen-Chung; Lai, Fu-Chuan; 賴孚權; Suen, Wing
2013-12 Downside Risk Control in a Continuous-Time Portfolio Management 張士傑; Hwang, Ya-Wen; Chang, Shih-Chieh Bill; Cai, Han-Cong

Showing items 76-100 of 1869. (75 Page(s) Totally)
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