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2005-10-01 U.S.-South Korea Relations under Kim Dae-jung and Beyond Liou, To-Hai; 劉德海
2003-10 U.S.-South Korea Relations under the Kim Dae-jung and Beyond 劉德海
1992-12 Underground Investment Firms in the Republic of China on Taiwan: A Comparison with the Development of Banking Law in the United States 陳純一; Chen, Chun-i
2005-12 Understanding China from its Proposals for Reforming the WTO Dispute Settlement Understanding 劉德海
2017-02 Understanding the Structures and Contents of National Interests-An Analysis of Structural Equation Modeling 吳崇涵; Wu, Charles Chong-Han
2017-12 Understanding the Structures and Contents of National Interests-An Analysis of Structural Equation Modeling 吳崇涵; Wu, Charles Chong-Han
1993-08 The Unification Policies of the Two Koreas: Evolution and Prospect 李明; Lee, Ming
2001-09 An Uninstitutionalized Civil Society in Post-Soviet Russia 1994-99 林永芳; Ling,Yung-Fang
1973-09 The United Nations and Decolonization: The Case of the Cook Islands 張京育
2013-06 The United States, China and Japan: A Not Too Romantic Triangular Relationship and Taiwan’s Search for Asymmetric Peace 林碧炤; Lin, ih-jaw
2017-02 Universal Participation without Taiwan? A Study on Taiwan’s participation in the global health governance sponsored by the World Health Organization 陳秉逵; Chen, Ping-Kuei
2015-07 The Unknown Standard-Bearer of the Three Red Banners: Peng Zhen’s Roles in the Great Leap Forward 鍾延麟; Chung, Yen-Lin
2018-03 Unpacking Taiwan’s Presence in Southeast Asia: The International Socialization of the New Southbound Policy 楊昊; YANG, ALAN H.
2019-02 An Unrecognised State? Recent Practices of the Republic of China on Taiwan 陳純一; Chen, Chun-I
2016-08 Urban sustainability assessment of Taiwan based on data envelopment analysis 楊文琪; Yang, Wen Chi; Lee, Yuh Ming; Hu, Jin-Li
2018-04 US Response to China's Belt and Road Initiative 盧業中
2021-07 US-Taiwan Relations during the Tsai Ing-wen Administration and Prospects After the COVID-19 Pandemic 石原忠浩; Tadahiro, Ishihara
2017 Varieties of State Capitalism across the Taiwan Strait: A Comparison and Its Implications 劉致賢; Liou, Chih-shian
2019-03 Vietnam’s Relationship with Taiwan under the Shadow of China’s Belt 黃瓊萩; Huang, Chiung-Chiu; Tung, Nguyen Cong
2021-03 War and American Foreign Policy: Justifications of Major Military Actions in the US 如大維;  Lorenzo, David J.
1986 The Washington-Moscow-Peking Triangle: An Analysis 林碧炤; Lin, Bih-jaw
1984 Washington-Peking Relations, 1979-1983: The Arguments and Reality Reexamined 林碧炤; Lin, Bih-jaw
2020-02 Weaponized Interdependence: China’s Economic Statecraft and Social Penetration against Taiwan 楊昊; Yang*, AlanH.; Chang, Chia-Chien
2021-06 When Disasters Hit Civil Wars: Natural Resource Exploitation and Rebel Group Resilience 李佳怡; Lee, Chia-yi; Tominaga, Yasutaka
2006-03 When Uncle Sam Meets Vacillating David and Confident Goliath: The United States and the Mediation in Cross-Taiwan Strait Relations 黃奎博

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