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2004-09 PRC Foreign Policy and Its Recent Development 黃奎博
2002-03 The PRC: A Threat to International Stability? Lee, Deng-Ker; 李登科
2013-03 Preaching Self-Responsibility: the Chinese style of global governance 石之瑜; 黃瓊萩; Shih, Chih-Yu; Huang, Chiung- Chiu
2001-01 Present Status of the Republic of China and Its Contribution to the International Community Lee, Deng-Ker; 李登科
2018-01 Prospect for Crisis in the Korean Peninsula: Six-Party Talks 2.0 in the Making? 盧業中
2002-12 QFII為大陸證券市場注入新血 魏艾
2016-09 A Quantitative Analysis of Energy and Emission Efficiencies: a Case Study of APEC Economics 楊文琪; 李育明
2004 The Quartet Road Map: A Study on its Solutions to Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 保經榮; Pao, Ching-yung
2007-09 The Question of Chinese Representation in the United Nations 趙國材; Chao,K. T.
1995-06 The R.O.C. and the U.N. in Historical Perspective 周煦
2006 Recent Developments and Implications of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area 黃奎博; 張子超; Huang, Kwei-Bo; Cheow, Chu-Teo
1996-03 Recent Political Development in Taiwan:Implication for the Relationship with the Mainland Teng, Chung-Chian; 鄧中堅
2008-05 Reflections on Conflict Management and Third-party Mediation in East Asia 黃奎博; Huang, Kwei-Bo
2005-03 Regime-Initiated Reforms and Civic Activism: the Case of Gorbachev's Soviet Union 林永芳
2004-11 Regime-Initiated Reforms and Civic Activism: The Case of Gorbachev's Soviet Union 林永芳
2011-03 Regional Cooperation in East Asia: Problems and Prospects 盧業中; Lu, Yeh-chung
2006-06 Regional Cooperation in the South Pacific Region: Taiwanese and Australian Perspectives 劉德海
2017-09 Regional Implications of South China Sea Arbitration and the Changing Faces of Vietnamese Policies 黃宗鼎; HUANG, CHUNG-TING; 楊昊; YANG, ALAN HAO
2016-06 Relational capital, strategic alliances and learning: In-depth analysis of Chinese-Russian cases in Taiwan 彭朱如; Lo, Fang-Yi; Stepicheva, Anastasia; 彭朱如
2017-06 Relationship between Japan and Taiwan of Modern War: Perspectives on Geo-economics 李世暉; Li, Shih-Hui
2018-11 Reluctant Hedging : Trade Dependency and South Korea's China Policy 楊雯婷; Yang, Florence Wen-Ting
2019-07 Reluctant Hedging: South Korea's Dilemma in the Era of Sino-American Competition 楊雯婷; Yang, Florence Wen-Ting
2009 Reminiscence of Zollverein – The ECFA from a Constructivist View 蘇卓馨; Su, Cho-Hsin
2012-03 Report of the 2011 International Law Association Asia-Pacific regional Conference 陳純一; Chen, Chun-I
2019-05 Resistance Under Communist China: Religious Protesters, Advocates and Opportunists 王韻; Ray Wang

Showing items 526-550 of 6037. (242 Page(s) Totally)
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