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2018-01 Sharp Power's Security Implication 劉蕭翔; Liou, Shiau-shyang
2019-01 Silk Road Economic Belt and Its Implications for the Eurasian Region 蘇卓馨; Su, Cho-Hsin
2019 Sino-Cambodian Relations - Does Sovereignty or Obedience Prevail While Cambodia Relies on China’s Largess? 林玉茹; Lin, Yu-Lu
1993 Sino-North Korea Relations in the 1980s: Shifting from Strategic to Political 劉德海
2015-06 Sino-Russian Military Cooperation and Security Implications in East Asia 連弘宜; Lien, Hong-Yi
1991 Sino-South Korean Relations Since 1983: Toward Normalization? 劉德海
1990 Sino-South Korean Relations Since 1983:Toward Normalization? 劉德海
2018-01 Sitting outside the Network: reassuring the stability of Taiwan Strait under the Trump administration=Sentado fuera de la red:Reasegurando la estabilidad del Estrecho de Taiwan bajo la administración Trump 陳秉逵; Chen, Ping-Kuei
2018-01 The Social Development and Governance in China: The Observations on the &quot;Political Report&quot; to the 19th CPC National Congress 王信賢; Wang, Hsin-Hsien
2018-01 Social Governance in Xi Jinping’s “New Era”: An Observation of Eviction of Beijing’s “Low-end Population” 王信賢; Wang, Hsin-Hsien
2018-04 Social Protests and State Responses in Contemporary China: A Comparison of Four “Anti-PX” Incidents 王信賢; Wang, Hsin-Hsien; Tzeng, Wei-Feng
2011-05 Soft Law as Part of the Multilateral Treaty-Making Process 陳貞如
2017-07 Some Reflections on the South China Sea Peace Initative 陳純一; Chen, Chun-i
2014-12 The South China Sea and Great Power Politics: Implications for U.S.-China-Taiwan Relations 盧業中; Lu, Yeh-chung
2011-03 The South China Sea Dispute Revisited: Stalemates, changes, and what we seem to have forgotten Huang, Kwei-Bo; 黃奎博
2007-04 South Korea - US FTA: A Deal Beyond Trade 劉德海
2005-04 South Korea's FTA Strategy 劉德海
2008-04 South Korea's FTA Strategy Liou, To-Hai; 劉德海
2008 South Korea's FTA Strategy under Roh Moo-hyun Liou, To-Hai; 劉德海
2010-05-01 South Korea-ASEAN FTA 劉德海
2007-11 South Korea’s FTA Strategy 劉德海
2006-07 South Korea’s FTA Strategy 劉德海
2013-06 South sudan secession: What implications for darfur and beijing's strategic policy options? Sawadogo, Wilfried Relwende; 薩威飛
2011-04 State Governance in Russia: Institutions, Policies, and Bureaucracy Lin, Yung-Fang; 林永芳
2008-11 Still Rivals? The Case of Divided Korea and China 李明

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