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1988-06 Technology Trade Between The United States and Mainland China in Recent Years 魏艾; Wei, Ai
2017-01 Terrorism, Counterterrorism Aid, and Foreign Direct Investment 李佳怡; Lee, Chia-yi
2019-03 Testing the Association between State Capacity and Primary Education in the Middle East and North African (MENA) Region, 1971–2014 張文揚; Chang, Wen-Yang; 平思寧; Ping, Szu-Ning
2019-09 Testing the Association between State Capacity and Primary Schooling in the 26 Middle East and North African (MENA) Region, 1971–2014 張文揚*; Chang, Wen-Yang; Ping, Szu-Ning
2021-03 The East Asian Legal Studies Program: A Legacy Will Never Be Forgotten 陳純一; Chen, Chun-i 
2018-11 The Transformation of Childhood: A Study of Preschool Teachers’ Professional Role-Formation from a Biographical Perspective 倪鳴香; Ni, Ming Shiang
2005-12 Theory and Practice of “Security Governance”: A Study on the Construction and Evolution of ASEAN Security Governance  楊昊
2018-04 The Belt-Road Initiative in South Asia: India-China Relations and the Development of Economic Corridor in Bay of Bengal  陳秉逵; Chen, Ping-Kuei
2004-08 The Third Road toward Closer Economic Cooperation between the Republic of China and the Republic of Costa Rica 鄧中堅
2012-06 The Ties That Bind: The Emerging Asia-Pacific Regional Order and Taiwan-Korea Relations 盧業中; Lu, Yeh-chung; Chen, Szu-hua
2011-08 The Ties that Divide: China, the Six-Party Talks, and Peace in the Korean Peninsula 盧業中; Lu, Ye-Chung
2015-08 Time for Taiwan-Australia FTA Negotiations 蘇卓馨; Su, Cho-hsin
2010-08 To Talk or Not to Talk: Domestic Constraints on Ma Ying-jeou's Political Reach-Out to China 盧業中; 陳陸輝; Lu, Ye-Chung
2019-01 Trading with the Enemy? How Taiwan Debates Its Trading Relations with China 盧業中; Lu, Yeh-chung
2003-04 Tradition and Prudence in Locke's Exceptions to Toleration Lorenzo, David J.; 如大維
1993 Tradition and the Rhetoric of Right: Popular Political Arguments in the Aurobindo Movement 如大維; Lorenzo, David J.
2008-05 The Transformation of ASEAN as a Third-party Mediator in Intra-regional Disputes of Southeast Asia 黃奎博; Huang, Kwei-Bo
2004-10 The Transformation of ASEAN as a Third-Party Mediator in Intraregional Disputes of Southeast Asia 黃奎博
2016-09 Transformation of Identity: Patriotic Education Campaign in Japan and China 楊雯婷; Yang, Florence Wen-Ting
2006-06 Transformational Diplomacy and Washington-Beijing-Taipei Relations 黃奎博
2016-11 Treaties/Agreements Concluded by the Republic of China (Taiwan) with Other Countries and Organizations in 2015 陳純一; Chen, Chun-i; 謝笠天; Hsieh, Pasha L.; 蔡沛倫; Tsai, Pei-Lun
2017-09 Trump Administration Has Its Hands Full Dealing with North Korea’s Provocations 李明; Lee, Ming
2003-11 U.S. and ASEAN in the Era of Anti-Terrorism 黃奎博
2021-03 The U.S. and Unresolved Cross-Strait Relations : From Trump to Biden 黃奎博; Huang, Kwei-Bo
1999-06 U.S. Policy toward Beijing and Its Impact on Cross-Strait Relations 周煦

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