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2004 The China-ASEAN Free Trade Area and Its Diplomatic and Strategic Significance 黃奎博
1991 China: Between the Two Koreas, 1984-1989 劉德海; Liou, To-hai
2008-04 China’s Current Energy Strategy and Oil Diplomacy Towards Russia and Central Asia 連弘宜
2019-01 China’s Energy Diplomacy: Does Chinese Foreign Policy Favor Oil Producing Countries? 李佳怡; Lee, Chia-yi
2008-04 China’s Geo-Strategic Maneuver in the Acquisition of Oil Resources in Non-Western World Teng, Chung-Chian; 鄧中堅
1988-08 China’s Korean Policy Within the Framework of Anti-Hegemonism: 1969-1988 李明; Lee, Ming
2006-04 China’s Rising and Its Effects on the Western Hemisphere Teng, Chung-Chian; 鄧中堅
2020-12 Chinese (Taiwan) Yearbook of International Law and Affairs: Contributing to the Grotian Moment in Asia 陳純一; Chen, Chun-i ; Ma, Ying-jeou ; Hsieh, Pasha  L. 
2017-12 Chinese Immigration to Russia and Its Non-traditional Security Impact 劉蕭翔; Liou, Shiau-shyang
2018-12 Chinese Immigration to the Russian Far East 劉蕭翔; Liou, Shiau-shyang; Kalachinsky, Andrei
2012-03 Chinese Leaders of the Fifth Generation and Their Decision-making Style 寇健文; Kou, Chien-wen
2013-07 Choice and Consequence: The U.S. Policy and the Security Context in Asia-Pacific 盧業中; LU, Yeh-chung
2017-11 Choosing Democracy in China? Explaining the Choice of Electoral Rule in the Chinese Village Committee Elections Tzeng, Wei-Feng; 王信賢; Wang, Hsin-Hsien
2018-07 Christian Activism in Hong Kong and Opposition to State- Sponsored Nationalism and United Front Work 王韻; Wang, Yun
2019-07 Christian Activists in Hong Kong and their Opposition to State-Sponsored Nationalism 王韻; Wang, Yun
2003-01 Civic Engagement in Russia's Democratic Transition 林永芳
2003-12 Civil Society and Democratic Consolidation in Russia 林永芳
2003-01 Civil Society and Democratic Consolidation in Russia 林永芳
2004-04 Civil Society and Democratic Transition in Putin's Russia 林永芳
2014-01 The Clash of Two Nationalisms : Investigating the Role of Nationalism in Diaoyu/Senkaku Dispute 楊雯婷; Yang, Florence Wen-Ting
2018-11 Climate Change and the Limitations of Refugee Law: Can International Human Rights Law Address the Protection Gap of Climate Migrants? 蔡沛倫; Tsai, Pei-Lun
2019-09 The Co-opetition between Russia and China in Central Asia: The Perspective of the Three-Party Energy Cooperation 連弘宜; Lien, Hong-yi
1995-12 A Comment on the Recent United Nations Peacekeeping Operation in the Former Yugoslavia 陳純一; Chen, Chun-i
2016-07 Common Interests and Two-Level Game Theory in the South China Sea Dispute 吳崇涵; Wu, Charles Chong-Han
1990-05 Communist China's Foreign Policy Since June 4, 1989 Lee, Deng-Ker; 李登科

Showing items 226-250 of 6024. (241 Page(s) Totally)
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