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2016-07 Love in Translation: Rethinking Sexual Modernity in Colonial Korea and Taiwan 陳佩甄; Chen, Pei Jean
1994 Maoist Discourse, Trauma and Chinese Avant-Garde Literature. 楊小濱; Yang, Xiaobin
2021-03 Mrs. Pants as Feminist Specter: Precarious and Liminal Subjects in Troublers and Small Talk 陳佩甄; Chen, Pei Jean
2016-12 Mu Dan Gui Min Theater Troupe's Performances in Singapore in the 1960s 蔡欣欣; Tsai, Hsin-hsin
2016-12 Plural Not Singular: Homosexuality in Taiwanese Literature in the 1960s 紀大偉; CHI, TA­WEI
2017-04 The Points of Fiction 范銘如
2018-04 Precarious Memory and Sexual Politics in Early Postwar Taiwan and South Korea 陳佩甄; Chen, Pei Jean
2014-11 Problematizing Love: The Intimate Event and Same-Sex Love in Colonial Korea 陳佩甄; Chen, Pei Jean
2005-04 Queer That Matters in Taiwan─以翻譯造就的台灣酷兒 陳佩甄; Chen, Pei Jean
2017-07 Queering Cold War: Emotional Others and Perverted Sexualities in Early Postwar Taiwan and South Korea 陳佩甄; Chen, Pei Jean
2021-07 Queering History, Archiving the Future: In Search of Taiwanese Lesbian History 陳佩甄; Chen, Pei Jean
2002-10-01 The Reception and Influences of Modernism: On Taiwanese Women’s Fiction 范銘如
2018-06 The Remains of the Japanese Empire: Tsushima Yūko's All Too Barbarian; Reed Boat, Flying; and Wildcat Dome 吳佩珍; Wu, Peichen
2003-06-01 The Representation of the Picture Bride and the Degenerate Female Student: The America-going Boom and the Picture Marriage 吳佩珍
1998 The Republic of Wine: An Extravaganza of Decline. 楊小濱; Yang, Xiaobin
2020-08 Rethinking Women in Asia Under the Aggression of the Japanese Empire, 1931-1945 吳佩珍; Wu, Pei Chen
2004-08-01 Sato [Tamura]Toshiko's Shianghai Period (1942-1945) and Chinese Women's Maganize Nu-Sheng[Women's Voice] 吳佩珍
2005-04-01 The Sense of Place in Hwang Chun-ming’s Fiction 范銘如
2010-03 Shakespearean theatre and Colonial Taiwan 吳佩珍
2015-03 Taiwan's "Shuimo Kun Opera Troupe" Kun Opera Teaching and Inherited Learning of Plays 蔡欣欣; Tsai, Hsin-hsin
1990 Telling (Hi)story: Illusory Truth or True Illusion? 楊小濱; Yang, Xiaobin
2021-02 Theorizing Untranslatability: Temporalities and Ambivalence in the Colonial Literature of Taiwan and Korea 陳佩甄; Chen, Pei-Jean
2017-01 Theorizing Untranslatability: Temporalities and Ambivalences in Colonial Languages 陳佩甄; Chen, Pei Jean
2017-04 Traditional’opera in a’modern’society: institutional change in Taiwanese xiqu education Stenberg, Josh; 蔡欣欣; Tsai, Hsin-hsin
2009 Transcultural Translation/Transference in Contemporary Chinese Poetry 楊小濱; Yang, Xiaobin

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