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2012 1996-1999年美國股票群的收益以高頻日移動平均計算之統計與動力性質分析 王柏淵; Wang, Bo Yuan
2017 1H MR spectroscopy in cervical carcinoma using external phase array body coil at 3.0 Tesla: Prediction of poor prognostic human papillomavirus genotypes Lin, Gigin; Ng, Koon‐Kwan; Ng, Shu‐Hang; 蔡尚岳; Lai, Chyong‐Huey; Tsai, Shang‐Yueh; Lin, Yu‐Chun; Huang, Yu‐Ting; Wu, Ren‐Chin; Yang, Lan‐Yan; Lu, Hsin‐Ying; Chao, Angel; Wang, Chiun‐Chieh; Hung, Ji‐Hong; Yen, Tzu‐Chen; Chou, Hung‐Hsueh
2015-02 A comparative study of size-dependent magnetoresistance and Hall resistance of Sb2Te3 nanoflakes Lee, P.-C.; Huang, Y.-C.; Chien, C.H.; Chiu, F.Y.; Chen, Yang-Yuan; Harutyunyan, S.R.; 陳洋元
2015-10 A competing risk analysis of sequential complication development in Asian type 2 diabetes mellitus patients Cheng, Li-Jen; Chen, Jeng-Huei; Lin, Ming-Yen; Chen, Li-Chia; Lao, Chun-Huan; Luh, Hsing; Hwang, Shang-Jyh; 陳政輝; 陸行
2011-04 Ab initio studies of spin-spiral waves and exchange interactions in 3d transition metal atomic chains 郭光宇; Guo, Guang-Yu
2011-01 An ab initio study of the magnetic and electronic properties of Fe, Co, and Ni nanowires on Cu(001) surface 郭光宇; Tung, J.C.; Guo, Guang-Yu
2008-04 Accelerated Proton-Echo-Planar-Spectroscopic-Imaging using GRAPPA with a 32-Channel Phase Array Coil 蔡尚岳; Tsai, Shang-Yueh; Otazo, Ricardo; Posse, Stefan; Lin, Yi-Ru; Chung, Hsiao-Wen; Wald, Lawrence L.; Wiggins, Graham C.; Lin, Fa-Hsuan
2007-12 Accelerated Short-TE 3D Proton Echo-Planar Spectroscopic Imaging using 2D-SENSE with a 32-Channel Array Coil Otazo, Ricardo; Tsai, Shang-Yueh; Lin, Fa-Hsuan; Posse, Stefan; 蔡尚岳
2007-12 Accelerated Short-TE 3D Proton-Echo-Planar-Spectroscopic-Imaging using 2D-SENSE with a 32-Channel Array Coil 蔡尚岳; Tsai, Shang-Yueh
2010-10 Accurate description of the optical response of a multilayered spherical system in the long wavelength approximation 郭光宇; Guo, Guang-Yu
2014-06 All-in-one light-tunable borated phosphors with chemical and luminescence dynamical control resolution Lin, C.C.; Liu, Y.-P.; Xiao, Zhi Ren; 蕭智仁
2012-07 Anomalous and spin Hall effects in hcp cobalt from GGA+U calculations 郭光宇; Tung, Jen-Chuan; Fuh, Huei-Ru; Guo, Guang-Yu
2015-04 Anomalous Hall effect and current spin polarization in Co2FeX Heusler compounds (Z = Al, Ga, In, Si, Ge, and Sn): A systematic ab initio study Huang, Hung-Lung; Tung, Jen-Chuan; Guo, Guang-Yu; 董人銓; 郭光宇
2010-10 Anomalous integer quantum Hall effect in AA -stacked bilayer graphene Hsu, Y.-F.; Guo, Guang-Yu; 郭光宇
2010 Anomalous integer quantum Hall effect in AA-stacked bilayer graphene 郭光宇; Guo, Guang-Yu
2008-10 Anomalous J-modulation effects on amino acids in clinical 3T MR spectroscopy 蔡尚岳; Tsai, Shang-Yueh
2014-06 Anomalous Nernst and Hall effects in magnetized platinum and palladium Guo, G. Y.; Niu, Q.; Nagaosa, N.; 郭光宇
2018 Anti-site defect effect on the electronic structure of a Bi2Te3 topological insulator Chuang, PY; Su, SH; Chong, CW; Chen, YF; Chou, YH; Huang, JCA; Chen, WC; Cheng, CM; Tsuei, KD; Wang, CH; Yang, YW; Liao, YF; Weng, SC; Lee, JF; Lan, YK; Chang, SL; Lee, CH; Yang, CK; Su, HL; Wu, YC; 楊志開; Yang, Chih-Kai
2004-06 Antiferromagnetic Heisenberg chains with bond alternation and quenched disorder 林瑜琤; Lin, Yu-Cheng; Heiko Rieger; Ferenc Igloi
2005-08 Application of model-free analysis in the MR assessment of pulmonary perfusion dynamics 蔡尚岳; Chuang,Kai-Hsiang; Wu,Ming-Ting; Lin,Yi-Ru; Hsieh,Kai-Sheng; Wu,Ming-Long; Tsai,Shang-Yueh
2018-09 Armchair MoS2 nanoribbons turned into half metals through deposition of transition-metal and Si atomic chains Lee, Chi-Hsuan; Lin, Joy; Yang, Chih-Kai; 楊志開; Yang, Chih-Kai
2017 Automatic inhibitory function in the human somatosensory and motor cortices: An MEG-MRS study Cheng, Chia-Hsiung; Tsai, Shang-Yueh; Liu, Chia-Yih; Niddam, David M.; 蔡尚岳
2010-06 Axial Vibration Study of a Mobile Fan Motor 姚永德; Wang, Chien-Chang; Yao, Yeong-Der; Liang, Kun-Yi
2012-04 Backbone Connectivity and Collective Aggregation Phenomena in Polymer Systems 馬文忠; 胡進錕
1993-11 Band structure of ZnO using the LMTO method 楊志開; Yang,Chih-Kai; K.S. Dy

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