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2011-12 《1813年刑法典》-十九世紀德國現代《刑法典》典範 陳惠馨
2021 3D列印時代商標權面臨之爭議問題解決之道:以商標侵權為核心 胥丞皓; Shiu, Chen-Hao
1990-09 Alterssicherung in Taiwan-Grundproblem soyialer Sicherung in einem jungen Industriestaat 郭明政
2011-02 Andrographolide enhances nuclear factor-κB subunit p65 Ser 536 dephosphorylation through activation of protein phosphatase 2A in vascular smooth muscle cells Hsieh, C.Y.; Hsu, M.J.; Hsiao, G.; Wang, Yi-hsuan; Huang, C.W.; Chen, S.W.; Jayakumar, T.; Chiu, P.T.; Chiu, Y.H.; Sheu, J.R.
2020-10 Book Discussion - The Politics of Love in Myanmar: LGBT Mobilization and Human Rights as a Way of Life 王曉丹; Wang, Hsiao-Tan
2016-12 BOT與契約調整 顏玉明
2004-07 Broadband Network Open Access and Competition Policy 李治安
2019-12 The Changing Sense of Community:Relational Legal Consciousness and Neighborhood conflicts in Taiwan 王曉丹; Wang, Hsiao-Tan
2017-11 Conflict of Interest Issues in Biomedical Research: Taiwanese Attitudes and Their Implications for Legal Policy 劉宏恩; Liu, Hung-En; 李銘杰; Li, Ming-Chieh
2017-12 Dispute Adjudication Board (DAB) and Dispute Review Board(DRB): A New Era of ADR 顏玉明; Yan, Anna
2013-04 FIDIC Q&A -Q3: FIDIC契約範本之爭議審議裁決程序為何? 顏玉明
2013-01 FIDIC Q&A- Q1:什麼是「FIDIC 契約條款」? 顏玉明
2013-02 FIDIC Q&A- Q2: FIDIC 契約範本之基本架構? 顏玉明
2008 FIDIC國際工程標準契約與工程採購契約要項相關問題之研究(I) 顏玉明
2009 FIDIC國際工程標準契約與工程採購契約要項相關問題之研究(II) 顏玉明
2010 FIDIC國際工程標準契約與工程採購契約要項相關問題之研究(III) 顏玉明
2009-08 The Foundation of Disabled Welfare Policy in Asia: Focusing on China and Taiwan 郭明政
2017 FRAND允諾的法律性質及相關權利金問題之研究 郭品毅; Kuo, Pin I
2015-02 Gestational exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls and dibenzofurans induced asymmetric hearing loss: Yucheng children study Li, Mingchieh; Wu, H.-P.; Yang, C.-Y.; Chen, P.-C.; Lambert, G.H.; Leon, Guo Y.; 李銘杰
2011 Greek Idea of Justice and the Contemporary Need to Expand the Internal Legal Point of View 陳起行
1998-07 Grundprobleme der Volkskrankenversicherung in Taiwan 郭明政
2017-12 How Emotion and Subjectivity Shape Legal Consciousness: A Family Conflict in Taiwan 王曉丹; Wang, Hsiao-Tan
2010-09 Inhibition of vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation by the vitamin E derivative pentamethylhydroxychromane in an in vitro and in vivo study: pivotal role of hydroxyl radical-mediated PLCγ1 and JAK2 phosphorylation Hsieh, C.-Y.; Liu, C.-L.; Wang, Yi Hsuan
2017-09 Justice and Law in the Republic and Mencius 陳起行
2018-06 Justice, Belonging, and Zijiren: Legal Consciousness in a Taiwanese Family 王曉丹; Wang, Hsiao-Tan

Showing items 1-25 of 459. (19 Page(s) Totally)
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