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2014 102學年度研究特優獎教師著作清單 -
1995 83年來華旅客消費及動向調查 司徒達賢; 魏正元
2009-07 The Analysis of Wrong Judgment of Predicting Quick Attack Movement from Volleyball Players of Different Skill Levels 吳高讚
2012-01 Backboards and Blackboards—敘說兼顧訓練與課業的學生運動員 呂潔如; Lu, Chieh-ju 
2005-03 BYU 教育給我們的啟示(上) 施淑慧
2006-03 BYU教育給我們的啟示(下) 施淑慧
2007 Changes in running economy following a repeated bout of downhill running Chen, T.C.; Chen, H.-L.; Wu, C.-J.; Lin, M.-R.; Chen, C.-H.; Wang, L.-I.; Wang, Shi Y.; Tu, J.-H.; 王思宜
2009-01 Content-Free Computer Supports for Self-Explaining: Modifiable Typing Interface and Prompting 周志岳; 梁宏達; Chou, Chih-Yueh; Liang, Hung-Ta
2017 The effects of jumping direction on lower extremity loading during drop jump task 王思宜; Wang, Shi-Yi; 許年瑩; Hsu, Nian-Ying
1993-05 ERIC、LISA、Library Literature資料庫收錄範圍完整性(Coverage)之比較 譚修雯
2008-12 Eye Tracking Strategies during Setting among Volleyball Players of Different Skill Levels 吳高讚
2018 A Formidable Triad: Mindfulness, Enactive Knowledge, and Physical Education 呂潔如; Lu, Chieh-ju 
2008 Gender identification from a point light display improves with age 嚴雅婷; 劉有德
2014-02 I-HOUSE多元空間活化計畫 丁秀吟
2008 The Influence of Task Difficulties on Balance-task Learning 嚴雅婷;  劉有德
1998-11 The Library Automation and Network Development and Prospect in Taiwan Area 胡歐蘭; 林呈潢
1994-02 LIBRES簡介 孫鳳蓮
2018 Mindfulness, Embodied Knowledge and Physical Education 呂潔如; Lu, Chieh-ju 
2010 A model of e-learning system based on push technology and learning motivation Lin, Che-Cheng; Shen, M.-Y.
2017-06 Paternalistic Leadership and Athlete’s Satisfaction: The Mediation Role of Trust in Coach 謝明輝; Hsieh, Ming-Hui
2019-08-29 Post-Print 作者版本大募集 nccur
2019 Post-Print 作者版本大募集 nccur
2014-11 Predictions of Sport Passion and Coach-athlete Relationship on Mental Toughness in College Baseball Players 王清欉; Wang, Ching-Tsung
2014-08 The Reinforcement of Theory and Practice: 
Physical Education as a Philosophical Practice through Somaesthetics 呂潔如; Lu, Chieh-ju 
2007-11 The Relationship between Posture Stability and One-hand Catching 嚴雅婷; Yen, Ya-Ting; 劉有德; Liu, Yeou-Teh

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