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2011-06 A Location-based Prompting System to Transition Autonomously Through Vocational Tasks for Individuals with Cognitive Impairments Research in Developmental Disabilities Chang,Yao-Jen; Wang,Tsen-Yung; Chen,Yan-Ru
2011-06 A location-based prompting system to transition autonomously through vocational tasks for individuals with cognitive impairments Wang, Frank T.Y.; 王增勇
2008 Meanings and Experiences of Menstruation: Perceptions of Institutionalized Women with an Intellectual Disability 王增勇; Wang, Frank Tsen-Yung
2007-10 Measures of resilience and adaptation of adolescents in single parent families in Taiwan: Psychometric properties and related profiles 謝美娥; Daniel T.L. Shek
2006 Measuring social capital of Persons residing in a psychiatric institution 宋麗玉; Song,Li-yu
2010-05 Mobile Location-based Social Networking in Supported Employment for People with Cognitive Impairments 王增勇; Chang, Yao-Jen; Wang, Tsen-Yung
2009 Mobile Social Networks as Quality of Life Technology for People with Severe Mental Illness 王增勇; Wang, Frank Tsen-Yung
2009-12 The Model of the State Welfare in Taiwan Analysis from a Gender Perspective 傅立葉
2009-07 National Pension Reform in Taiwan After 2000: Old-age security mix, political interests, ideas and economic downturn 林宜輝; Lin, Yei-Whei
2012-11 Neighborhood Cohesion in Old Age: Does Competency in Social Skills Make a Difference? 呂寶靜; Lu, Pau-Ching
1990-01 Nursing Homes and Quality of Care: concepts and Measures 謝美娥
2012-07 Pension Politics of the Rural and Agricultural Sector in Taiwan: Origins, evolution and implications for East Asian welfare development 林宜輝; Lin, Yei-Whei
2008-10 Personal and Family Correlates of Resilience among Adolescents Living in Single Parent Households in Taiwan. 謝美娥; Hsieh, Mei O
2017-07 Policy Assemblage in Taiwan's Child Protection Reforms: Policy Mixture, Policy Regime Change and Shifting Policy Challenges 林宜輝; Lin, Yei-Whei
2017-01 Political enthusiasm for social pensions and its eventual decline in Taiwan: an institutional account of pension dynamics in a new democracy 林宜輝; Lin, Yei-Whei
2015-07 The Politics of Child Protection Policy in Taiwan: Policy Transfer, Unproductive Policy Outcomes and Continuing Path Dependent- Styled Transfer Act 林宜輝; Lin, Yei-Whei
2009-12 Population ageing and social policy in Taiwan 呂寶靜
1994 Predictors of burden among lower socioeconomic status caergivers of persons with chronic mental illness. 宋麗玉; Song,Li-yu
1997 Predictors of Depressive Symptomatology Among Lower Social Class Caregivers of Persons With Chronic Mental Illness. 宋麗玉; Song,Li-yu
1993 Problem behaviors substance abuse and sexual use in psychiatrically hospitalized adolescents with bulimia nervosa 宋麗玉; Song,Li-yu
2009 Protective factors for adolescents among divorced single-parent families from Taiwan. 謝美娥; Hsieh, Mei O
1995 The psychosocial issues of women serving time in jail 宋麗玉; Song,Li-yu
2008-09 The Public Attitude towards Government Responsibility for Supporting Older Persons: A Case of Taiwan 呂寶靜
2012-05 Realizing Semantic Virtual Environments with Ontology and Pluggable Procedures Chu, Yu-Lin; Li, Tsai-Yen; 李蔡彥

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