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2015-04 A new heuristic based on local best solution for permutation flow shop scheduling 陳春龍; Chen, Chun-Lung; Tzeng, Yeu-Ruey; Chen, Chuen-Lung
2011 A new liveness characterization for S3PGR2 Chao, Daniel Yuh; Chen, Jiun-Ting; 趙玉
2014-09 A New Look at the Dynamic Interrelationship between Growth and Profitability in the Chinese Property Liability Insurance Industry Jeng, Vivian S C; Yang, Sharon S; 鄭士卿
2010 A novel chance model for building innovation diffusion scenario Hong, C.-F.; Lin, M.-H.; Yang, Hsiao-Fang; Huang, C.-J.
2010-07 A relaxed cutting plane algorithm for solving the Vasicek-type forward interest rate model Chen,  Homing; 陳宏銘
2013-12 A revised discrete particle swarm optimization algorithm for permutation flow-shop scheduling problem 陳春龍; Chen, Chun-Lung; Huang, Shin-Ying; Tzeng, Yeu-Ruey; Chen, Chuen-Lung
2005 A roadmap to ambient e-service Hwang, Yuan-Chu; Yuan, Soe-Tsyr; 黃元巨; 苑守慈
2008 A service design framework for value co-production: insight from mutualism perspective Tung, Wei-Feng; Yuan, Soe-Tsyr; 董惟鳳; 苑守慈
2011-02 A simple modification of deadlock prevention policy of S3PR based on elementary siphons Chao, Yuh Daniel; 趙玉
1996-09 A simulated annealing heuristic for the one-dimensional cutting stock problem 陳春龍; Chen, Chuen-Lung; Hart, Stephen M.; Tham, Wai Mui
2014-11 A Smart Medication Recommendation Model for The Electronic Prescription 黃鼎鈞
2001 A study on time series pattern extraction and processing for competitive intelligence support 苑守慈; Yuan, Soe-Tsyr; Huang, M.
2018-11 A Synthesis Mortality Model for the Elderly 余清祥; Yue, Jack C.; 蘇真慧; Su, Karen C.
1997-01 A tabu search approach to the cell formation problem 陳春龍; Aljaber, Nasser; Baek, Wonjang; Chen, Chuen-Lung
2011 A temporal logic for the interaction of strategies Wang, F.; Huang, C.-H.; Yu, Fang; 郁方
2010 A trend study of healthcare by bibliometrics approach Hsu, H.; Yang, Jiannmin; 楊建民
2003 A-optimal and efficient diallel cross experiments for comparing test lines with a control 丁兆平
2005-01 A-optimal and efficient diallel cross experiments for comparing test treatments with a control 徐永豐; 丁兆平; Hsu, Yung-Feng; Ting, Chao-Ping
2004-12 A-Optimal Designs in Diallel Cross Experiments for Test Versus Control Comparisons 徐永豐; 丁兆平; Hsu, Yung-Feng; Ting, Chao-Ping
2003 A-最適試驗處理與對照處理比較之Diallel Crosses實驗 徐永豐; Hsu, Yung-Feng
2005 AAA架構下情境感知存取控制政策之設計與應用 劉安妮; Liu, Annie
2018 ABC (Activity Based Costing)成本計算於台灣加工服務產業之應用和模組建置—以LS公司為例 陳建宏; Chen, Chien Hung
1997-11 ABC三階段精雕 高成長、高獲利塑成由中信銀的企業改迼解析ABC在臺灣金融業之應用 吳安妮
1990-11 ABC制度之精神:增強企業之競爭力 吳安妮
2013-06 An Abductive-Reasoning Guide for Finance Practitioners Tsaih, Rua-Huan; Lin, Hsiou-Wei William; Ke, Wen-Chyan; 蔡瑞煌; 林修葳; 柯文乾

Showing items 326-350 of 31908. (1277 Page(s) Totally)
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