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2009-08 Role-Based and Service-Oriented Security Management in the e-Government Environment 余千智; Yu, Chien-Chih
1995-11 The Roles and the Impacts of Employer Association on Skill Formation for SMEs-Chinese Taipei's Experiences 黃秉德
2012 The roles of customer expectation and emotion in service experience Hsieh, Y.-H.; Yuan, Soe-Tsyr; 苑守慈
2005-08 The Roles of Objective and Subjective Performance Measures in Short-term and Long-term Incentive Plans. 吳安妮
2005-11 The Roles of Protégé Race, Gender, and Proactive Socialization Attempts on Peer Mentoring Kecia M. Thomas; 胡昌亞; Amanda G. Gewin; Kecia Bingham; Nancy Yanchus; Kecia M. Thomas; Hu, Changya; Amanda G. Gewin; Kecia Bingham; Nancy Yanchus
2020-06 Roles of Strategic Orientations in Radical Product Innovation 巫立宇; Wu, L. Y.; Lin, C. W.; Cheng, L. K.
2011 Roles of ‘small- and medium-sized enterprises’ in service industry innovation: a case study on leisure agriculture service in tourism regional innovation 苑守慈; Hsu, Shih-Ming; 謝沛宏; Yuan, Soe-Tsyr
2010-04 Roles played by financial development in economic growth: application of the flexible regression model Shen, Chung-Hua; Lee, Chien-Chiang; Chen, Shyh-Wei; Xie, Zixiong; 沈中華
2000 Rome Did not Collapse in A Day: Continued Corporate Distress As the Core of the Third Generation Model 沈中華
2000 Rome Did Not Collapse in A Day–The Continued Corporate Distress As the Core of the Third Generation Model 沈中華
2002 RosettaNet標準之企業導入模式比較 陳英振
2005 RosettaNet標準使用現況調查 鄭天澤
2020-07 Routine as dynamic innovation capability 吳思華; Wu, Sehwa; Mei, Kuo-Ching
1999 Roz.,Inc.: A Case for Extending Management Accounting Coverage to Managers' Information Acquisition Process 吳安妮; Chow, Chee W; Schulz, Axel; Wu, Anne
2002 The Rule Extraction from Multi-layer Feed-forward Neural Networks 柯文乾; Ke, Wen-Chyan
2009-06 The Rule-Extraction through the Preimage Analysis 蔡瑞煌
2019-07 Runtime Hook on Blockchain and Smart Contract Systems 林韋廷; 郁方; 蕭舜文
2011 R軟體套件&quot;rBeta2009&quot;之評估及應用 劉世璿; Liu, Shih Hsuan
2003 S&P500指數期貨之錯價與交易量之非線性關係─以門檻自我迴歸分析 陳筱竹; Chen, Hsiao-Chu
2016 S&P500波動度的預測 - 考慮狀態轉換與指數風險中立偏態及VIX期貨之資訊內涵 黃郁傑; Huang, Yu Jie
2010 A s-d logic based approach to input-output analysis for technology spillover Hsieh, Yen-Hao; Yuan, Soe-Tysr; 解燕豪; 苑守慈
2006 S2NPGR2 和S3PGR2的僵局控制 趙玉
2004 S3PR 模型之增強至能處理一般資源的S3PGR, S2NPGR and S2WPGR模型 趙玉
2011 S3PR的N-依賴虹吸管的可控性 趙玉
2015 S3PR的控制器合併理論之加強 趙玉

Showing items 6051-6075 of 31908. (1277 Page(s) Totally)
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