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2021-07 Hobbling Big Brother: Top-Level Design and Local Trial and Error in China’s Social Credit System 王信賢; Wang, Hsin-Hsien; Tsai, Wen-Hsuan; Lin, Ruihua
2011-09 Inflation and economic growth in China: An empirical analysis Hwang, J.-T.; Wu, Ming-Jia; 吳銘家
2015-01 Introduction 劉致賢; 丁樹範; Liou, Chihshian; Ding, Arthur S.
2002-10 Managing the Political Impacts of Economic Integration: Exit and Voice across the Taiwan Strait 耿曙
2017 A Model of Adaptive Mobilization: Implications of the CCP’s Diaoyan Politics Tsai, Wen-Hsuan; Chung, Yen-Lin; 鍾延麟
2019-01 The Nature of Popular Protest and the Employment of Repressive State Capacity in China 王信賢; Wang, Hsin-Hsien; Wang, Shinn-Shyr; Tzeng, Wei-Feng
2004-03 Offensive realism and the rise of China Wang, Yuan-Kang; 王元綱
2019-02 The Ousting of General Secretary Hu Yaobang: The Roles Played by Peng Zhen and Other Party Elders 鍾延麟; Chung, Yen-Lin
2018-05 Peng Zhen's Roles and Activities in the Yan'an Rectification Movement of the Chinese Communist Party (1941-1945) 鍾延麟; Chung, Yen-Lin
2004-04 Playing the Devil's Advocate: A Review of Zweig's Internationalizing China 耿曙
2000-01 Political Economy Analysis about Reform of Japan's Financial System and Ministry of Finance Promotion of International Trade  石原忠浩
2018-04 Political Finance Regimes and Party Systems Size: Evidence from New and Established European Democracies 蘇彥斌; Su, Yen-Pin
2018-04 Political Parties and Social Protests in Neoliberal Peru 蘇彥斌; Su, Yen-Pin
2013-03 Preaching Self-Responsibility: the Chinese style of global governance 石之瑜; 黃瓊萩; Shih, Chih-Yu; Huang, Chiung- Chiu
2002-12 QFII為大陸證券市場注入新血 魏艾
2017-09 Regional Implications of South China Sea Arbitration and the Changing Faces of Vietnamese Policies 黃宗鼎; HUANG, CHUNG-TING; 楊昊; YANG, ALAN HAO
2019-05 Resistance Under Communist China: Religious Protesters, Advocates and Opportunists 王韻; Ray Wang
2009 Revisiting the Potential and Limitations of Security Institution: An Ideational Approach to Taiwan Strait Security Dilemma 王韻; Wang, Yun
2018-04 Rural-Urban Divide? Reassessing Voting in Chinese Villagers’ Committee and Residents’ Committee Elections 王信賢; Wang, Hsin-Hsien; Tzeng, Wei-Feng
2003-08 SARS引爆危機重新審視經濟安全  魏艾
2006-12 Sense Sensitivity and Sophistication in Shaping the Future of Cross-Strait Relations 耿曙; 陳陸輝; 黃冠博
2018-01 The Social Development and Governance in China: The Observations on the &quot;Political Report&quot; to the 19th CPC National Congress 王信賢; Wang, Hsin-Hsien
2018-01 Social Governance in Xi Jinping’s “New Era”: An Observation of Eviction of Beijing’s “Low-end Population” 王信賢; Wang, Hsin-Hsien
2018-04 Social Protests and State Responses in Contemporary China: A Comparison of Four “Anti-PX” Incidents 王信賢; Wang, Hsin-Hsien; Tzeng, Wei-Feng
2017-10 Strategic Appraisal of Taiwan's New People-Centered Southbound Policy: The 4Rs Approach 楊昊; Yang, Alan H.

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