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2013-08 The Travel Behaviours Change of the Residents of Transit Jointed Development in Taipei Metropolitan Area 白仁德; Pai ,Jen-te; Huang,Yong-han
2017-03 The Traveling Idea of ‘Clubhouse’ from the West to the East 王增勇; Lu, Yu-Hui
2007-04 The Trend of RMB Exchange Rates and Its Impact on Taiwan 莊奕琦; Chuang, Yih-chyi
2013-04 Trend of urban-rural disparities in hospice utilization in Taiwan 周麗芳; Chou, Li-Fang
2004 Trends in Agent-Based Computational Modeling of Macroeconomics 陳樹衡; Chen,Shu-Heng
2003-05 Trends in prescribing proton pump inhibitors in Taiwan: 1997 - 2000 Chen T.J.; 周麗芳; Hwang S.J.
1999-09 Trilateral Economic Relations among Taiwan, China and the United States 童振源; Tung, Chen-yuan
Trust Relationships within R&D Networks: A Case Study from the Biotechnological Industry 邊泰明; Ben, Tai-Ming
2015-09 Trust, Growth, and Inequality: An Agent-Based Model 陳樹衡; Chie, Bin-Tzong; Chen, Shu-Heng; Chie, Bin-Tzong
2000 A tsa-tsa from Guge 張駿逸; CHANG,Jiunn-yih 
2019 Tsedenbalyn üeiin mongol, khyatadyn khariltsaa (1952-1984) 藍美華; Lan'Meikhua
2009 Tug-of-war between character and competitiveness: the decision of taiwanese businesspeople in china over their children's study plan Lai, Huei Yi
2018-01 Turning Curses into Blessings: How the Catholic Lay Movement Survive in Contemporary China 姚祺; Yao, Qi
2000-06 A Tutorial Guide to Agent-Based Computational Modeling of Artificial Stock Markets: With Specific Reference to the Software AIE-ASM Version 3 陳樹衡; C.-H. Yeh
1983-12 Two Diplomatic Documents from the Khokend Khanate to Ch'ing Empire in the Mid-19th Century 唐屹; Tang, Chi
1989-08 The Two Foreign Policies: Competitive Outreach 趙建民
1989-08 The Two Foreign Policies: Competitive Outreach 趙建民
2013 Two studies of recent increases of intelligence in Taiwan Chen, H.-Y.; Liao, Y.-K.; Chen, Y.-H.; Chen, Hsin-Ping; Lynn, R.; 陳心蘋
1998-07 Two Ways to Improve Genetic Algorithms in Financial Data Mining: Sell Short with Recursive GAs 陳樹衡; W.-Y.Lin
2000 Two-Level Games Between Rival Regimes: Domestic Politics and the Remaking of Cross-Strait Relations 林繼文; Lin, Jih-wen
1988-05 Two-sector nonmonocentric urban land-use model with variable density 劉小蘭; Liu, Hsiao-Lan
2007-10 Typhoon, Stony Debris Flow and Local Community Actions in Taiwan 徐世榮
2013-12 The Tyranny of Numbers Revisited and the Case of China's Manufacturing Growth: Factor Allocation, Structural Adjustment and Productivity Dynamics Chen, Yong-Wei; Hu, Wei-Min; Radek Szulga
1987-10 U.S. Reactions Toward The Incident of 21 Demands 邵宗海
2017-04 The (Un)Making of Suicidal Modernity: Giddens' Account 高國魁; Kao, Pascal Kuokuei

Showing items 3776-3800 of 25502. (1021 Page(s) Totally)
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