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2001-02 Order from Random Growth Process in the Evolving Complex Systems 陳心蘋; Chen,Hsin-Ping
2011 An Order-Driven Agent-Based Artificial Stock Market to Analyze Liquidity Costs of Market Orders in the Taiwan Stock Market 陳樹衡; Huang, Yi-Ping; Chen, Shu-Heng; Hung, Min-Chin; Yu, Tina
2016-12 Organization and Reporting of Public Financial Accounts: Insights and Policy Implications from the Singapore Budget Kwan, Chang Yee; Bali, Azad Singh; Asher, Mukul G
2008-12 The organizational goal and work effort: an efficiency wage model Wu, Chi-Hsin; Liu, Chia-Ying; 吳啟新
1999 The Origins of State-Local Relations in Taiwan 郭承天
1999-11 The Origins of State-Local Relations in Taiwan 郭承天
2013-06 Orthometric Height Improvement in Tainan City using RTK GPS and Local Geoid Corrector Surface Models 林老生; Lin, Lao-Sheng
2012 Outlier detection using LAD method in cadastral coordinate transformation Lin, Y.-C.; Lin, Lao-Sheng; 林老生
1991-09 The Output Relationship Between Taiwan and the United States:1961-1987 黃仁德
1988-03 Output,Equities and Exchange Rate Dynamics 朱美麗; Tsaur Tien-Wang
2011-04 Output-Inflation Trade-off: A New Keynesian Approach 朱琇妍; Chu, Shiou-Yen
2004-05 Outward Capital Flow and Unemployment 林玫吟; 王智賢
2010-09 Outward Foreign Direct Investment and Product Quality of Domestic Productions: An Empirical Investigation Weng,Yungho; Tu,Fang-Chiu; Yang,Chih-Hai
2010 Outward Investment To China And Local Innovation Of Taiwanese Manufacturing Firms Yang, C.-H.; Wu, Y.-Y.; Lin, H.-L.
2003 Overfitting or Poor Learning : A Critique of Current Financial Applications of GP 陳樹衡; Chen,Shu-Heng
2006 Overlapping Social Networks: How Couples Manage Family Expenditures in Taiwan 熊瑞梅; Yang-Chih Fu; Chin-Chun Yi
2019-07 Overseas Education, Social Mobility and Ethnic Positioning: The Experiences of Overseas-Educated Malaysian Chinese Returnees 馬藹萱; Ma, Ai-hsuan Sandra
2005-09 Overview of Chinese Economic Reforms: Initiatives, Approaches and Consequences Tung,Chen-Yuan
2006 An Overview Of The Synthetic Hegemon Since 9/11 With Implications For China 亞伯拉罕; Bretholt,Abraham
1996-12 An Overview of Women's Employment Promotion Policies 劉梅君
2000-12 Ownership and Administration Effects on Total Factor Productivity in China Lee-in Chen; 黃智聰
2018-01 The Oxford Handbook of Computational Economics and Finance 陳樹衡; Chen, Shu-Heng; Kaboudan, Mak; Du, Ye-Rong
2019 P2P借貸對於銀行績效影響 邵啟翔; Shao, Chi-Hsiang
2006 P2P的下載遊戲--Bourdieu場域理論的詮釋與應用 黃漢德
2013 Paiwan(排灣)祖源及遷徙口傳敘事文學之研究 (Pukiringan‧Paljivuljung), 童信智

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