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2005-06 Political Feasibility Study on the Reform of the Financing Scheme of Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Program 林昭吟; 陳敦源; I-Chun Liu; 蕭乃沂; Lin,Chao-Yin; Chen,Don-yun; Liu,I-Chun; Hsiao,Naiyi
2019-12 Political Finance Regimes and Party System Size: Evidence from New and Established European Democracies 蘇彥斌; Su, Yen-Pin; Rashkova, Ekaterina R.
1992-09 Political Generations in Taiwan 劉義周
2007 The Political Inclinations of Foreigners in Taiwan Regarding the Cross-Strait Situation 劉立詮; Liu, Lee Chuan
2021-06 Political Institutions, Democratization, and Incumbent Party Cohesion Under Unified and Partial Unified Governments in Mexico 蘇彥斌; Su, Yen-Pin; Fonseca, Fabricio A.
2019-01 Political Polarization in Taiwan and the United States: A Research Puzzle 陳永福; Tan, Alexander C.; Clark, Cal; Ho, Karl
2021-08 Political Polling in Taiwan 黃紀; Huang, Chi
1980-05 Political Support and Voting Participation of Taiwan College Students 劉義周
2017-11 Politicized to Mobilize? A Longitudinal Study of First-Time Voters’ Voting Intentions in Taiwan, 2004-2016 陳永福;  Tan, Alexander C. ; Clark, Cal ; Ho, Karl 
2008-05 Politics and Business under the DPP:Restructuring State-Business Institutional Relations in Taiwan 郭承天
2004 Politics and Judiciary Verdicts on Vote-buying Litigation in Taiwan. Wu, Chung-li; 黃紀; Huang, Chi
2015-07 The Politics of Child Protection Policy in Taiwan: Policy Transfer, Unproductive Policy Outcomes and Continuing Path Dependent- Styled Transfer Act 林宜輝; Lin, Yei-Whei
2006-04 The Politics of China Studies in Taiwan through the Lens of Cross-Strait Relations 冷則剛
1992 The Politics of Japan's Rice Trade 郭承天; Takuya Yanagisawa; Cheng-Tian Kuo
2006-04 The Politics of Reform in Japan and Taiwan 林繼文
2010-06 Pollution, Factor Ownerships, and Emission Taxes Liu,Chorng-Jian; Mai,Chao-Cheng; Lai,Fu-Chuan; Guo,Wen-Chung
2017 Polycentricity and Collaborative Governance: Taiwanese Drug Prevention Policies and the Role of Policemen. 董祥開
1999 A Popularly-Elected Presidency as a Focus of Constitutional Choice: Explaining the Taiwanese Case, 1986-96 陳敦源; Chen, Don-Yun
2009-12 Population ageing and social policy in Taiwan 呂寶靜
2009 Position Generators, Affiliations, and the Institutional Logics of Social Capital: A Study of Taiwan Firms and Individuals. 熊瑞梅; Hsung, Ray-May
2008-12 Positive- versus Zero-Sum Majoritarian Ultimatum Games: An Experimental Study Hsu, Li-Chen; Yang, C.C; Yang, Chun-Lei
1990 Positive-Findings Bias in QWL Studies: Rigor and Outcomes in a Large Sample 孫本初
2019-06 Possibilities for environmental governance in China? Anti-incinerator activists turned participants in municipal waste management in Guangzhou 王慧敏; Wai-Man-Wong
1999-04 The Possibility of Cross-Strait Political Negotiations 邵宗海
2001 The possibility of Cross: Strait Political Negotiation 邵宗海

Showing items 2776-2800 of 25707. (1029 Page(s) Totally)
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