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1997-06 The Reevaluation and Outlook of Taiwan's Administrative Reform 江明修
1991-09 Reexamining the influence of Ethnicity of Taiwanese Voter Liu,I-Chou
1991-09 Reexamining the influence of Ethnicity of Taiwanese Voter 劉義周
1995 Referendum and Democracy: A Bumpy Runway for Taiwan’s Aircraft Industry. 黃紀; Huang, Chi
2008-04 Referendum and Democracy: The Experience of Taiwan 黃紀; Huang, Chi
2005-09 Referendum and Mobilization in Taiwan Huang, Chi; 黃紀
2009-10 A Refined Chronology of Catastrophic Outflow Events in Ares Vallis, Mars Warnera,Nicholas; Guptaa,Sanjeev; Mullerb,Jan-Peter; Kimb ,Jung-Rack; Linb,Shih-Yuan
2015 Refining the Theory of Partisan Alignments: Evidence from Latin America 蘇彥斌; Miguel Carreras; Scott Morgenstern; Su, Yen-Pin
2017-07 Reflections of Citizen Participation in Taiwan's Science Park Development 郭秀裕; Kuo, Hsin-Yu; 徐世榮; Hsu, Shih-Jung; 吳宗鴻
1999-06 Reflections on the Field called Urban Affairs and Public Policy 徐世榮; Hsu,Shih-jung
1992-06 Reform from Below: The Private Economy and Local Politics in the Rural Industrialization of Wenzhou 劉雅靈
1997-09 The Reform of the Electric Power Industry in Taiwan 許志義; Hsu, George J.Y.; Chen, Tser-yieth
2002 Reform on the Australia's Retirement Income System: An Important Lesson for Taiwan National Pension Program 吳文傑; Wu, Wen-Chieh
2011-05 The reform paradox and regulatory dilemma in China's electricity industry Tsai, Chung-Min; 蔡中民
2002-01 Reform without choice : case studies of state owned enterprises' laid-off workers in Shenyang Shanghai & Guangzhou 陳小紅
2005 Reformation of a Nation: Taiwan's Mainland China Policy after the 2004 Presidential Election 趙建民
2004-05 Reformation of a Nation: Taiwan's Mainland China Policy after the 2004 Presidential Election 趙建民
2002-12 Reforming the Pension Systems in Taiwan: Options and Challenges Steve Waicho Tsui; 徐偉初
2007-05 Reforming the Pharmaceutical Procurement Mechanism in Taiwan: An Appraisal of the Experience in Taipei City Hospital Yuntsai Chou; 陳敦源
2018-04 Reframing Indigenous water rights in ‘modern’ Taiwan: reflecting 陳怡萱; Chen, Yi-shiuan; Sandra, Suchet-Pearson; Howitt, Richard
1991-09 The Regiaonal & State Development Planing in the Federal Republic of Germary -- the importance for rural development and land use 顏愛靜
2019-07 The Regime Approach to Taiwanese Child Protection Reforms since 2010: Reform projects, regime transformation and political feedbacks 林宜輝; Lin, Yei-Whei
1991 The Regional & State Development planning in the Federal Republic of Germany the Important for Rural Development and Land Use 顏愛靜
2003-01 A Regional Analysis on the Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment toward China Kuo-Chun-Chien; 黃智聰
2003 Regional Economic Development Strategies in China 陳小紅

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