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2019 Regional Institutional Environment and Stock Price Crash Risk: Evidence from China 羅光達; Lo, Kuang-Ta; Tang, Xiaojian; Tsui, Stephanie
2014-06 Regulating China's Power Sector: Creating an Independent Regulator without Autonomy Tsai, Chung-min
2001-08 Regulatory Prices in Utility Industries: Influence from the Interest Groups 何靜嫺
2009-07 Reinforcement Learning in Auction Experiments 陳樹衡; Yi-Ling Hsieh
2009-02 Reinforcement Learning in Auction Experiments 陳樹衡; Yi-Lin Yeh
2008-12 Reinforcement Learning in Auction Experiments 陳樹衡; Yi-Lin Hsieh
2011 Reinforcement Learning in Experimental Asset Markets Chen,Shu-Heng; Hsieh,Yi-Lin; 陳樹衡
2006-12 Reinventing Government through On-line Citizen Involvement in the Developing World: A Case Study of Taipei City Mayor's E-mail Box in Taiwan 陳敦源; 黃東益; 蕭乃沂
2011 Reinventing Strategies of Oral Examination in Taiwan Civil Service Recruitment. 江明修; 陳定銘; 陳秋政; Chiang, Min-Hsiu; Chen, Ting-Ming; Chen,José Chiu-C.
2006-09 Related factors of living arrangements and quality of life among disabled elderly socio-Economic Security in Later Life: Chanllenges and Opportunities of Comparative Studies 謝美娥
2014-06 The relation between debt financing and not-for-profit hospitals' donations Kuo, J.-S.; Ho, Yi-Cheng; Lo, Kuang-Ta; 何怡澄; 羅光達
1996 Relations Between Economic Development and Democratization in Taiwan 郭承天
2011-07 The relationship between green roofs and the thermal environment in Taipei city Sun,C.-Y.
1997-01 The Relationship between Household Characteristics and Housing Location Choice- the Viewpoint of Feminist Influence on Housing Location Choice 張金鶚; Chen
2020-09 The Relationship between International Outsourcing and Bargained Wage: A Revisit 翁永和; Weng, Yungho
2004-12 The Relationship between Openness and Inflation in Asian 4 and G 7 吳中書; J.-L. Lin
2006-06 The Relationship between Openness and Inflation in NIEs and G7 吳中書; Lin Jin-Lung
2006 The Relationship between Operating Performance and Financial Indicators - The Empirical Analysis of the Private Universities in Taiwan 黃如霜; Huang, Ru-Shuang
1998-08 The Relationship between Real Estate Cycles and Macroeconomic Varialbes in Taiwan 張金鶚; 彭建文
2007 The Relationship between Relative Risk Aversion and Survivability 陳樹衡; Chen,Shu-Heng
1993-01 The Relationship between Rents and Prices of Owner-Occupied Housing in Taiwan 林祖嘉; LIN,CHU-CHIA STEVE
2010-07 The relationship between roof greening and thermal environment in Taipei city. 孫振義; Sun, Chen-Yi
2006-03 The Relationship between the Financial Performance of Government Trust Fund, Flexible Financing Scheme, Discretion, and Political Party: A Study of U.S. Unemployment Insurance Fund 何怡澄
2014 The relationship between the living arrangement and life satisfaction of the elderly - A discussion of four regions in Taiwan 陳淑美; 林佩萱; Chen, Shu-Mei; Lin, Pei-Syuan
2000 The Relationship between the Price of Land and Size of Plot When Plots are Small 林子欽; Lin, Tzu-Chin

Showing items 2926-2950 of 25313. (1013 Page(s) Totally)
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