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2013-03 Asian Election Studies: Where Are We Now? Where Are We Heading? Huang, Chi; 黃紀
1999 The Asian Financial Crisis:Taiwan Experience Hu,Sheng-Cheng; J.-L.Lin; J,-D.Shea; 吳中書
1993-05 The Aspects of Political Democratization in the Republic of China 黃德福
2013-12 “Assembling Scholars in the Face of the Enemy:The Prequel to the Institute of International Relations, 1937-1975” (敵前養士:「國際關係研究中心」前傳,1937-1975) 劉曉鵬
2004-05 Assessing China's Recent Economic Development: Economic Imbalance Financial Risks and Exchange Rate 童振源; Tung,Chen-Yuan
2019-06 Assessing Demand and Progress in China's Belt and Road Initiative: A Global Governance Perspective 顏良恭; Yen*, Liang-Kung
2002 Assessing Lee Teng-hui Legacy: Democratic Consolidation and External Affairs Chien-min Chao
2011-05 Assessing Spatial and Nonspatial Factors for Primary Care Access in Ohio, USA 廖興中; Liao , Hsin-Chung
1994 Assessing the Dispute in the South China Sea Model of China's Security Decision Making 吳秀光
2009 Assessing the effects of service recovery and perceived justice on customer satisfaction with SEM Yang, H.-E.; Peng, Kuan Hsun
2007-05 Assessing the Impact of Mixed Electoral System in Taiwan: Methodological Challenges of Testing Interaction Effects 黃紀; Huang, Chi
2004-01 Assessment and Prospects of Economic Development in China: 2003-2004 童振源
2011-10 Assessment of 3D population distribuion under traffic impacts using GIS and fine-resolution DTMS Wu, C.-D.; Lung, S.-C.C.; Jan, Jihn-Fa; Chuang, Y.-C.; 詹進發
2004-09 Assessment of China's Economic Cool-down Policy 童振源
2003-11 The Assessment of China's Taiwan Policy of the Third Generation and Its Prospect Chen-yuan Tung
2003-11 The Assessment of China's Taiwan Policy of the Third Generation and Its Prospect 童振源; Tung,Chen-Yuan
2005-05 The Assessment of China's Taiwan Policy of the Third Generation and Its Prospect 童振源
2005-05 An Assessment of China's Taiwan Policy under the Third Generation Leadership 童振源; Tung,Chen-Yuan
2012-03 Assessment of disaster losses in rice field and yield after tsunami induced by the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake Liou, Yuei-An; Sha, Hsueh-Chun; Chen, Ting-Ming; Wang, Tai-Sheng; Li, Yi-Ting; Lai, Yen-Cheng; Chiang, Min-Hsin; Lu, Li-Teh
2004-06 Assessment of physical functioning in disabled persons - A comparison between self-reports and proxy reports from family caregivers Lu, Pau Ching; 呂寶靜
2013-07 Assessment of Sleep in the National Social Life, Health and Aging Project Lauderdale, Diane; Lauderdale, Diane; Schumm, Phil; Kurina, Lianne; McClintock, Martha; Thisted, Ronald; Chen, Jen-Hao; Chen, Jen-Hao; Thisted, Ronald; McClintock, Martha; Kurina, Lianne; Schumm, Phil
2010-06 An assessment of surface matching for the automated co-registration of MOLA, HRSC and HiRISE DTMs Lia,Shih-Yuan; Muller,Jan-Peter; Mills,Jon P.; Miller,Pauline E.
2003 Assessment of Taiwan's Growth and Current Competitiveness Yun-Peng Chu; Yuang-Kuang Kao
2014-07 An Assessment of Teaching Economics with The Simpsons 朱琇妍; Chu, Shiou-Yen
1986-09 An Assessment of Teng's Bureaucratic Reform 1979-1984 李國雄

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