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2020-03 The validity of ICD-11 PTSD and complex PTSD in East Asian cultures: Findings with young adults from China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan 楊佩榮; Yang, Pei-Jung; Ho, Grace W. K.; Hyland, Philip; Shevlin, Mark; Chien, W. T.; Inoue, Sachiko; Chen, Fei H.; Karatzias, Athena C. Y. Chan & Thanos
2011-05 The Valuation and Demand Analysis of the Reverse Mortgage 林左裕; 黃泓智; 楊博翔
1994 Values Management in Local Government: A Survey of Progress and Future Directions 柏門; West, Jonathan P.; Berman, Evan M.
2000-01 VAR-VECM vs. Neural Nets with Divisia in Taiwan 陳樹衡; J. Binner; A.Gazely
2005 VaR-x在股票、外匯及投資組合之應用 林志坤
1988 Variability of inflation and the dispersion of relative prices: Evidence from the Chinese hyperinflation of 1946–1949 Quddus, Munir; Liu, Jin-Tan; Butler, John S.; 劉錦添
2001 Variation of Floor Rent Differentials of High-Rise Building 劉小蘭; Chang Hung-Chi
2004-04 Variation of floor rent differentials of high-rise buildings 劉小蘭; Liu,Hsiao-Lan; Chang,Hung-Chi
2012-01 Varieties of Agents in Agent-Based Computational Economics: A Historical and an Interdisciplinary Perspective Chen,Shu-Heng
1999-05 The Variety in the Behaviors of Communist Armies during Political Crises: China, Romania, Poland and the Soviet Union in the Late 1980s and Early 1990s 寇健文; Kou, Chien-wen
2012 VBS-RTK GPS輔助UAV影像自率光束法空三平差之研究 李敏瑜; Li, Min Yu
2015 VBS-RTK GPS輔助單旋翼UAS熱影像定位定向之研究 許翎㳖; Hsu, Ling Yi
2012-02 Vegetation as a Material of Roof and City to cool down the temperature. 孫振義; Sun, Chen Yi; Lee, Kuei Peng; Lin, Tzu Ping; Lee, Soen Han
2016-07 Vertical separation versus vertical integration in an endogenously growing economy 賴景昌; Chang, Shu Hua; Lai, Ching Chong
2008 Videogrammetric Monitoring of As-built Membrane Roof Structures 林士淵;  Lin,Shih-Yuan
2016-02 Vietnam seeks to strengthen US ties amid continuing frictions with China 陳氏緣
2012 Virtual Fort San Domingo in Taiwan: A study on accurate and high level of detail 3D modeling 林士淵; Lin, Shih-Yuan
2011 Vision 2020 – A Case Study of Web 2.0 Application to Public Governance in Taiwan 陳敦源; Pan, Ching-Heng; Chen, Don-Yun; Wang, Chian-Wen
2020-04 Visiting policies of hospice wards during the COVID-19 pandemic 周麗芳; Chou, Li-Fang; Hsu, Ya-Chuan; Liu, Ya-An; Lin, Ming-Hwai; Lee, Hsiao-Wen; Chen, Tzeng-Ji; Hwang, Shinn-Jang
2015-10 Visualization of open data: A case study of climate data 詹進發; Mao, Wan-Hsin; Jan, Jihn-Fa
2018 VIX指數、總體經濟變數與台灣加權股價指數關聯性之分析 黃雅楨; Huang, Ya-Chen
2006-01 Volatility Trade-offs in Exchange Rate Target Zones Ching-chong Lai; 方中柔; Juin-jen Chang; Fang,Chung-rou; Lai,Ching-chong; Chang,Juin-jen
2002 Volatility Trade-offs in Exchange Rate Target Zones: A Graphical Analysis 方中柔; Ching-Chong Lai; Juin-jen Chang
2021-04 Voluntary and Involuntary Job Mobility among Young Adults in Taiwan 張峯彬; Chang, Feng-Bin
2009-05 Vote Choices under the Mixed-Member Majoritarian System in Taiwan's 2008 Legislative Election 黃紀; 蕭怡靖; Huang, Chi

Showing items 3926-3950 of 25783. (1032 Page(s) Totally)
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