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2009-09 Vote Choices under the SNTV and MMM Electoral Systems: A Panel Study of Taiwan's 2004 and 2008 Legislative Elections 黃紀; 林長志; Huang, Chi
2012 VRS GPS supported bundle adjustment with self-calibration for unmanned aerial vehicle images Li, Min-Yu; Chio, Shih-Hong; Lin, Y.J.; 李敏瑜; 邱式鴻
2003-03 Wage Gap and Skill Upgrading in Taiwan: An Industry-level Analysis 莊奕琦
2021-12 Wagner-Keynesian Nexus in a DSGE Model 朱琇妍; 林其昂; Chu, Shiou-Yen; Lin, Brian Chi-ang
1992-03 Walking the Tightrope: The ROC's Democratization Diplomacy and Mainland Policy 何思因
2020-12 Was 2016 a Realigning Election in Taiwan? 陳永福; Tan, Alexander C.; Clark, Cal; Ho, Karl
2019-01 Was the 2016 Election a Realigning One? 陳永福; Tan, Alexander C.; Clark, Cal; Ho, Karl
2017-10 The Way of Living of Modern Mongolia: From the Aspect of Its Neighboring Relations 藍美華; Lan, Mei-hua
2021-08 “We Are Not Foreigners&quot;: Constructing Migrant Subjects through Korean Chinese Migrants’ Claims-Making in South Korea 錢宜群; Chien, Yi-Chun; 김양숙; Kim, Yang-Sook
2000 Wealth Effect and Income Effect of Housing Demand under the Consideration of Household Composition 林祖嘉; C.L Chen
2013 Web 2.0時代社群網站經營效能之評估:以政府部門與社會企業為例之比較分析 卓筱涵; Cho, Hsiao Han
2009-04 Web 2.0網路服務與Ontology技術在非營利租屋網站上之行動研究與效能分析:以崔媽媽租屋網為例 王增勇; Wang, Frank Tsen-Yung
2009 Web 2.0與電子治理的實踐:以「國家政策網路智庫」為例之評估與實驗研究 陳敦源
2020-09 Web Search Trends of Implementing the Patient Autonomy Act in Taiwan 周麗芳; Chou, Li-Fang; Yang, Po-Chin; Shih, Mei-Ju; Liu, Ya-An; Hsu, Ya-Chuan; Chang, Hsiao-Ting; Lin, Ming-Hwai; Hwang, Tzeng-Ji Chen & Shinn-Jang
2018-07 The Web-Based Interactive Mars Analysis and Research System for HRSC and the iMars Project Walter, SHG; Muller, JP; Sidiropoulos, P; Tao, Y; Gwinner, K; Putri, ARD; Kim, JR; Steikert, R; van Gasselt, S; Michael, GG; Watson, G; Schreiner, BP; 范噶色; Gasselt, S. van
2016-10 A Weibull Analysis of the Current Job Tenure in Taiwan with Both Accelerated Failure-Time and Proportional Hazards Metrics = 臺灣現職工作期間之存續分析--兼具加速失敗時間與比例風險計量的Weibull 分析 江豐富; Jiang, Feng-Fuh
2009-12 Weight Regression Model from the Sales Comparison Approach You,Shih-Ming; Chang,Chin-oh
2018-07 Weighted Networks and City 陳心蘋; Chen, Hsin-Ping
2020-02 Wel-fare-improving Vertical Mergers in the Presence of Downstream Product Differentiation 李文傑; Lee, Wen-Chieh; 溫偉任; Wen, Wei-Jen; 黃文嫻; Huang, Wen-Hsien
2017-05 Welfare Analysis of the Vehicle Quota System in China 胡偉民; Xiao, Junji; Zhou, Xiaolan; Hu, Wei-Min
2002-06 Welfare aspect of FDI to source country: An Example of the Incresing FDI to China 翁永和
2010-01 Welfare Comparison between Specific and Ad Valorem Export Trade Policy: The Case of Multi-domestic Firms Ueng, K. L. Glen; Kuo, Horn-In; 翁堃嵐
2021-10 The Welfare Effects of Extending Unemployment Benefits: Evidence from Re-employment and Unemployment Transfers 黃柏鈞; Huang, Po Chun; Yang, Tzu-Ting
2016-07 Welfare effects of tourism-driven Dutch disease: The roles of international borrowings and factor intensity 陳平河; 賴景昌; Chen, Ping-ho; Lai, Ching-chong; Chud, Hsun
2015-09 Welfare Implications of Policy Responses to Foreign Monetary Expansion: Quantitative Assessment with a Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model 黃俞寧

Showing items 3951-3975 of 25783. (1032 Page(s) Totally)
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