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2002-06 Welfare aspect of FDI to source country: An Example of the Incresing FDI to China 翁永和
2010-01 Welfare Comparison between Specific and Ad Valorem Export Trade Policy: The Case of Multi-domestic Firms Ueng, K. L. Glen; Kuo, Horn-In; 翁堃嵐
2021-10 The Welfare Effects of Extending Unemployment Benefits: Evidence from Re-employment and Unemployment Transfers 黃柏鈞; Huang, Po Chun; Yang, Tzu-Ting
2016-07 Welfare effects of tourism-driven Dutch disease: The roles of international borrowings and factor intensity 陳平河; 賴景昌; Chen, Ping-ho; Lai, Ching-chong; Chud, Hsun
2015-09 Welfare Implications of Policy Responses to Foreign Monetary Expansion: Quantitative Assessment with a Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model 黃俞寧
2008-06 Welfare implications of trade policies under alternative exchange rate regimes and price rigidities 黃俞寧
2019-12 Well-being dynamics among poor children and young people in Taiwan: Capability approach-based investigation 林宜輝; Lin, Yei-Whei; Chen, Chih-Nan
2003-12 What Can the CCP Learn From the KMT 邵宗海; 彭立忠
2009 What Causes the Volatility of the Balancing Item? Lin, M.-y.; Wang, H.-h.
2017-06 What determines misallocation in innovation? A study of regional innovation in China 李文傑; 李浩仲; Li, Hao-Chung; Lee, Wen-Chieh; Ko, Bo-Ting
2009-10 What Do Foreign Trade Promotion Organizations Do In China? 林超琦
2010-06 What Do We Learn about Culture from Experimental Economics 陳樹衡; 王卓脩
2003-12 What is Managerial Mediocrity? Definition, Prevalence and Negative Impact (Part 1) 柏門; Berman, Evan M.; West, Jonathan P.
2012-11 What Is More Important for Prostitute Price? Physical Appearance or Risky Sex Behavior? Chang,Hung-Hao; Weng,Yungho; 翁永和
2010-11 What is the difference of innovation between industrial and service cluster? A case study 白仁德; Pai, Jen‐Te; Hsieh, Pi‐Feng
2020-02 What Kind of Cosmopolitanism? Reassessing Bentham’s ‘Place and Time’ 陳建綱; Chen, Chien-kang
2009-03 What''s Wrong with Taiwan''s Economy? Impact of Globalization 莊奕琦; Chuang, Yih-chyi
2011-11 What's Wrong with ECFA?Democratic Process and Free Trade Reconsidered Chang,Harry Chih-hao; 張之豪
2008-10 When a Social Worker Encounters Cultural Study 王增勇; Wang, Frank Tsen-Yung
2004 When New Public Management Runs into Democratization: Taiwan's Public Administration in Transition 湯京平; Tang, Ching-Ping
2011-06 When Social Workers Meet Special Education Teachers: Action Research to Implement Curricular Changes in Taiwanese Special Education Systems 王增勇; Chang, Yao-Jen; Wang, Frank Tsen-Yung; Chen, Shu-Fang; Lee, Ming-Yang; Kang, Ya-Shu
2005-01 When Taiwanese Religions Meet Democracy 郭承天
2022-01 When “Don’t Know” Indicates Nonignorable Missingness: Using the Estimation of Political Knowledge as an Example 蔡宗漢; Tsai, Tsung-han
2019-03 Where does floating TDR land? An analysis of location attributes in real estate development in Taiwan 江穎慧; Chiang, Ying-Hui; Shih, Mi; Chang, Hsiutzu Betty
1993-09 Where Have All the Independent Voters Gone? The Possibility of a Three Party System in Taiwan 劉義周

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