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2007 Financial Sector Reform and competitiveness in Taiwan 黃仁德
1998-03 Financial Structure Fiscal Difficulties and Finance Problems in Local Government of Taiwan 徐偉初
2000-12 The Financing Strategies of the New Public Pension Plan: Their Effects on the Economic Welfare 吳文傑
2018 Finding the Baoding Villages: Reviewing Chinese Conceptualisation of Sino-African Agricultural Cooperation 劉曉鵬; Liu, Philip H. O.; 許[女韋]淳
2006-02 Fine enough or don't fine at all 林忠正; 楊建成
2008-11 The Firm as a Community: Explaining Asymmetric Behavior and Downward Rigidity of Wages Lin, Chung-cheng; Yang, C.C
2013 The first Great Divergence and the evolution of cross-country income inequality during the last millennium: The role of institutions and culture Madsen, J.B.; Yan, Eric; 顏扶昌
2012-03 Fiscal centralization versus decentralization: Growth and welfare effects of spillovers, Leviathan taxation, and capital mobility Chu, Angus C.; Yang, C.C.; 楊建成
2006-04 Fiscal Contradictions within Planned Administration: From Entrepreneur to Rentier in Rural China 劉雅靈
2005 The Fiscal Decentralization and Regional Economic Growth in China 黃智聰; An-Chih Cheng
1995-10 Fiscal Deficits Savings and Investment in Chinese Taipei: Recent Experiences and Prospects 徐偉初
1994 Fiscal Policy and Economic Development in Taiwan : A Digression on the Effect of Taxation on Income Distribution 曾巨威
2019-06 Fiscal Stimulus in a Simple Macroeconomic Model of Monopolistic Competition with Firm Heterogeneity 賴廷緯; Lai, Ting-wei; 張振維; Chang, Cheng-wei; 賴景昌; Lai, Ching-Chong
2001-06 Fiscal, Monetary, and Reserve Requirement Policy in an Endogenous Economic Growth Model with Financial Market Imperfections 洪福聲; Hung, Fu-Sheng
2012-10 Fishery Subsidies, Illegal Fuel Trading, and Conservation Hung,Chih-Ming; Weng,Yungho
2013-10 Fitting geoidal undulation using quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization: A case study in Taiwan area Tsai, Ming Yao; Ning, Fang-Shii; 甯方璽
2016-02 Flexible internal labor market of civil service in Taiwan: decentralized job mobility fuelled by a centralized career-based system 蘇偉業
2020-01 Flipped classroom teaching in microeconomics recitation sessions 陳鎮洲; Chen, Jenn Jou; Lin, Tsui-Fang; Liao, Chen-Hsuan
2013-12 Food security: global trends and regional perspective with reference to East Asia 李慧琳; Chang, Ching-Cheng; Lee, Huey-Lin; Hsu, Shih-Hsun
1905-07 Foot-binding Miao, Yen-Wei; 苗延威
1999-06 Forces of Change Across the Taiwan Straits: Domestic and International Implications 冷則剛
2002-01 Forces of Political Changes in Taiwan and China 冷則剛
2003-12 Forecast with Leading Indicators Revisited Tsay,Ruey S.; 吳中書
1999 Forecasting High-Frequency Financial Time Series with Evolutionary Neural Trees: The Case of Hang-Shen Stock Index 陳樹衡
1988 Forecasting housing investment : A comparative study in Taiwan(R.O.C), Korea, Japan and U.S.A 張金鶚;  Chang,Chin-oh

Showing items 1401-1425 of 25027. (1002 Page(s) Totally)
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