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2009-09 Gender and National Identity Disputes in Taiwan 楊婉瑩; Yang, Wan-Ying
2007-07 Gender differences in becoming self-employed in Taiwan and Korea 張峯彬; Chang, Feng-Bin
2009-04 Gender Discrimination Among Taiwanese Top Executives Wang,Tzu-I; Chen,Jenn-Jou
2010-03 Gender reality on multi-domains of school-age children in Taiwan: A developmental approach Chen, H.; Chen, M.-F.; Chang, T.-S.; Lee, Y.-S.; Chen, Hsin-Ping; 陳心蘋
2013-08 Gender reality regarding mathematic outcomes of students aged 9 to 15years in Taiwan Chen, H.-Y.; Chen, M.-F.; Lee, Y.-S.; Chen, Hsin-Ping; Keith, T.Z.; 陳心蘋
2008 Gender, Accountability, and Government Funded Non Governmental Organizations in Taiwan 雷蜜雪; Ryan, Michelle
2015 Gender, Sleep Problems, and Obesity in Taiwan: A Propensity-Score-Matching Approach Chen, Duan-Rung; 關秉寅; Kuan, Ping-Yin
2002 Gendered Organizations, Embodiment, and Employment Among Manufacturing Workers in Taiwan. Chow, Esther Ngan-ling; Hsung,Ray-May
2018 Generation Effects? Evolution of Independence-Unification Views in Taiwan, 1996-2016 黃紀; Huang, Chi
2015-10 Generation of digital surface temperature model from thermal images collected by thermal sensor on quadcopter UAV 邱式鴻; Hsieh, Yaochen; Chio, Shih Hong
2004-11 Generation of Digital Terrain Model Using Laser Scanner Data 詹進發; Cheng C.C.; Shih Y.H.; Yeh K.S.; Chan K.H.
1996-09 Generational Discrepancies in Public Attitude on Taiwan's Unification Issue 劉義周; Liu,I-Chou
1995-02 Generational Divergence in Party Image Among Taiwan Electorate 劉義周; Liu, I-chou
1996-05 Genetic Algorithm Learning and the Chain-Store Game 陳樹衡; Chen, Shu-heng; Ni, Chih-Chi
1999-07 Genetic Algorithms Trading Strategies and Stochastic Processes: Some New Evidence from Monte Carlo Simulations 陳樹衡; W.-Y. Lin; C.-Y. Tsao
2002 Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming Economics 陳樹衡; C.-W. Tan; Chen,Shu-Heng
2002 Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming in Computational Finance: An Overview of the Book 陳樹衡; Chen,Shu-Heng
1999 Genetic Algorithms and Trading Strategies: Evidences from the ARCH Nonlinear Time Series 陳樹衡; T.-I. Tsao
1999-06 Genetic Algorithms and Trading Strategies: New Evidences from Financially Interesting Time Series 陳樹衡; W.-Y. Lin; C.-Y. Tsao
2008 Genetic Programming and Agent-Based Computational Economics: From Autonomous Agents to Product Innovation 陳樹衡; Chen,Shu-Heng
2008 Genetic Programming and Financial Trading: How Much about “What we Know”? 陳樹衡; Chen,Shu-Heng
1996 Genetic Programming and the Efficient Market Hypothesis Chen,Shu-Heng; Yeh,Chia-Hsuan
1996-07 Genetic programming and the efficient market hypothesis Chen, Shu-Heng; Yeh, Chia-Hsuan; 陳樹衡; 葉佳炫
2004 A Genetic Programming Approach to Model International Short-Term Capital Flow 陳樹衡; Chen,Shu-Heng; Yu,Tina; Kuo,Tzu-Wen

Showing items 1501-1525 of 25261. (1011 Page(s) Totally)
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