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2018-05 Labor Migration, Family Separation and the Long-term Outcomes 胡力中; Hu, Li-Chung; Shen, Wensong; Hannum, Emily
2009 Labor trafficking in taiwan: supply driven or policy driven? 吳佩娟; Wu, Peichuan
2000 Labour Migration and Allocation of Human Resources: the Cases of Return and Onward Movements Tsay, Ching-Lung; Lin, Ji-Ping
1998 Labour Regimes in Transition: Changing Faces of Labour Control in Taiwan: 1950s-1990s 王振寰; Wang, Jenn-hwan
2011 Laffer Paradox, Leviathan, and Political Contest Ihori,Toshihiro; Yang,C.C.
2018-08 Lamotrigine attenuates the motivation to self-administer ketamine and prevents cue- and prime-induced reinstatement of ketamine-seeking behavior in rats 詹銘煥; Lee, Mei-Yi; Hsiao, Yu-Ching; Chan, Ming-Huan
2020-12 Land and justice from the indigenous perspective: a study on the Tayal philosophy of “sbalay” 官大偉; Kuan, Da-Wei; Charlton, Guy C.
2018-11 Land assembly for urban development in Taipei City with particular reference to old neighborhoods 林子欽; Lin, Tzu-Chin; Huang, Fang-Hsin; Lin, Siao-En
2005 Land Assembly in A Fragmented Land Market through Land Readjustment 林子欽; Lin, Tzu-Chin
2001-06 Land Consolidation in Rural Communities in Taiwan 顏愛靜
2013-09 Land cover analysis with high-resolution multispectral satellite imagery and its application for CO2 flux estimations 林士淵;  Lin,Shih-Yuan
2014-09 Land Development and Urban Growth in a Booming Property Market: The Taipei Experience 林子欽
2009 Land subsidence monitoring using airborne LiDAR data and relevant auxiliary data Hsieh, Hsing-Yi; Lee, C.-C.; 謝幸宜
2002-04 Land Use Adjustment and Financial Analysis on Area Around MRT Stations 張金鶚; Shaw-Hui Lin; Shi-Ping Lin
2014-11 Land use and rent gradients with a monopoly vendor and two central business districts Lai, Fu-Chuan; Merriman, D.; Tsai, J.-F.; 賴孚權
1994 Land Use Conversion and Sustainable Use of Land Resources in Taiwan 顏愛靜
2002 The Land Use Zoning Control and the Land Expropriation System in Taiwan Li-Fu Chen
2013-01 Land-use Dynamics of Shihmen Reservoir Catchment using Photogrammetry and Markov Model 詹進發
2000 Land-Value Taxation around the World: Kiao-chau Peterson, V. G.; Hsiao, Tseng; 蕭錚
2013 Landslide risk assessment with multi pass DInSARanalysis: A case study over Uljin, Korea Yun, H.; Kim, J.R.; Lin, Shih-yuan; Kim, J.; Park, H.; 林士遠
2015-04 Language shift of Taiwan's indigenous peoples: a case study of Kanakanavu and Saaroa 林季平; Lin, Ji-Ping; Liu, Dorinda Tsai-Hsiu; Chang, Ying-Hwa; Li, Paul Jen-Kuei
2011-03 Late Noachian to Hesperian Climate Change on Mars: Evidence of Episodic Warming from Transient Crater Lakes near Ares Vallis Warner,Nick; Gupta,Sanjeev; Lin,Shih-Yuan; Kim,Jung-Rack; Muller,Jan-Peter; Morley,Jeremy; 林士淵
1999-11 Law and Labour Market Regulations in East Asia-Taiwan's Labour Law 王惠玲
2017-12 The law relating to hunting and gathering rights in the traditional territories of Taiwan’s indigenous peoples Charlton, Guy C; Gao, Xiang; 官大偉; Kuan, Da-Wei
2015-12 A Layer of Old Chinese Readings in Traditional Zhuang Manuscripts 賀大衛; Holm, David

Showing items 2076-2100 of 25313. (1013 Page(s) Totally)
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