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2021-04 Le care pour les personnes âgées en contexte « chinois » : une analyse comparative structurelle entre Taiwan et la République Populaire de Chine 錢宜群; Chien, Yi-Chun; Payette, Alex
1992 Leadership Change and Government Size in East Asian Authoritarian Regimes. 黃紀; Huang, Chi
1998-07 Leadership in Taiwan's Nonprofit Organizations 江明修
2018-06 Leadership, Collective Action in Developing Natural Farming: A Case Study at Wufeng District, Taichung City in Taiwan 顏愛靜; Yen, Aiching
2012-06 Learning as a Key to Citizen-centred Performance Improvement: A Comparison between the Health Service Centre and the Household Registration Office in Taipei City So, Bennis Wai-Yip; 蘇偉業
1993 Learning by doing, technology gap, and growth 莊奕琦; Chuang, Yih-chyi
1998-08 Learning by Doing, the Technology Gap, and Growth 莊奕琦; Chuang,Yih-chyi
2017-07 Learning Outcomes in Sustainability Education Among Future Elementary School Teachers. 董祥開; Dong, Hsiang-Kai
2005-10 Learning to be Political or Above Politics: The Case for Public Managers in Taiwan's Democratic Transition 陳敦源; 黃東益; 余致力
2015 LED照明產業經營模式之探討-以個案E公司為例 林佳薰; Lin, Jia Syun
2005 Lee Teng-Hui's Legacy: Introduction 趙建民; Bruce Dickson
2003 Legislature with Chinese Characteristics: Institution-building in A Post-totalitarian Authoritarian Developmental State Chien-min Chao; Chih-Chia Hsu
1978-12 Leisure Pattern in Taiwan: Its Present and Future 陳小紅
2014-12 Leverage Item Popularity and Recommendation Quality via Cost-sensitive Factorization Machines Chen, Chih-Ming; Chen, Hsin-Ping; Tsai, Ming-Feng; Yang, Yi-Hsuan; 陳志明; 陳心蘋; 蔡銘峰
2010-12 Leverage, Performance and Capital Adequacy Ratio in Taiwan's Banking Industry Ho,Shirley J.; Hsu,Su-Chu
2000 Life Cycle Mortgage Payment and Forced Saving 林祖嘉; C.L Chen; S.J. Lin; Lin, Chu-Chia; Chen, Chien-Liang; Lin, Sue-Jing
2000-06 Life Cycle Mortgage Payment and Forced Saving 林祖嘉; Lin,Chu-Chia; Chen,Chien-Liang; Lin,Sue-Jing
2010-04-02 Life Insurance and Suicide: A Test of the Existence of Asymmetric Information 陳國樑; Yun Jeong Choi; Yasuyuki Sawada
2015-07 Life Insurance and Suicide: Asymmetric Information Revisited 陳國樑; Choi, Yun Jeong; Chen, Joe; Sawada, Yasuyuki
2006 Life stress social support coping and depressive symptoms: a comparison between general population and family caregivers. 宋麗玉; Song,Li-yu
2015-02 Limit Order Book Transparency and Order Aggressiveness at the Closing Call: Lessons from the TWSE 2012 New Information Disclosure Mechanism Tseng, Yi-Heng; 陳樹衡; Chen, Shu-Heng; Tseng, Yi-Heng
2017-09 The Limits of Reflexive Love, or a Zoepolitical Challenge 高國魁
2002-12 Linear and nonlinear Granger causality in the stock price-volume relation : A perspective on the agent-based model of stock markets 陳樹衡; 廖崇智
Linguistic Diversity along the China-Vietnam Border 賀大衛; HOLM, David Leopold
2017 Linkage between pain sensitivity and empathic response in adolescents with autism spectrum conditions and conduct disorder symptoms Chen, Chenyi; Tan, Shuai; Fan, Yang-Teng; Hung, An-Yi

Showing items 2101-2125 of 25315. (1013 Page(s) Totally)
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