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2013-05 Lobbying, Voting and Environmental Policy: Theory Lai, Yu-Bong
1999 Local Enforcement of Pollution Control in Developing Countries: A Comparison of Guangzhou, Delhi, and Taipei Shui-Yan Tang; Vandana Prakash; 湯京平; Tang, Ching-Ping
1989-10 Local Factions and Party Competition: The Impacts of Electoral System on Taiwan's Political Democratization 黃德福
2004 Local Governance and Environmental Conservation: Gravel Politics and The Preservation of an Endangered Bird Species in Taiwan Shui-Yan Tang; 湯京平; Tang, Ching-Ping
1996-03 Local Government and Community-Based Strategies: Evidence from a National Survey of a Social Problem 柏門; Berman, Evan M.
2003-09 Local Government Finance in Taiwan : Reform and Trend 曾巨威
2020 Local Institutional Environment and Stock Price Crash Risk: Evidence from China 羅光達; LO, KUANG-TA; TANG, XIAOJIAN; TSUI, STEPHANIE
2015 The local moral world and agricultural activities of the committed organic farmer: A case study from an Atayal Community in Shilei, Jianshi Township, Xinzhu 羅恩加; Ru, Hung-yu; Lo, En-chia
2009-10 Local State, Institutional Change, and Innovation: System: Beijing and Shanghai Compared 王振寰
2013-03 Local States, Institutional Changes and Innovation Systems: Beijing and Shanghai compared 王振寰; Wang, Jenn-hwan
2000-04 Location of Adult Children as an Attraction for Black and White Elderly Migrants in the United States 林季平; Lin, Ji-Ping; Liaw, K.L; Frey, W.H.
2011-06 A Location-based Prompting System to Transition Autonomously Through Vocational Tasks for Individuals with Cognitive Impairments Research in Developmental Disabilities Chang,Yao-Jen; Wang,Tsen-Yung; Chen,Yan-Ru
2011-06 A location-based prompting system to transition autonomously through vocational tasks for individuals with cognitive impairments Wang, Frank T.Y.; 王增勇
2013-05 Location-Demand-Based Residential Floor Area Ratio Distribution Method 蔡育新; Tsai,Yu-Hsin
2011-03 The logic of semi-Presidentialism: Loopholes, history, and political Conflict Hsieh, John Fuh-Sheng; 謝復生
2006-12 Long Term Impacts of Emission Taxes in An Asymmetric Industry 何靜嫺
2013 Long-term monitoring of Datun volcanoes using multiple SAR data Lin, Shih-yuan; Hung, Y.-N.; Kim, J.-R.; Hsieh, C.-S.; 林士淵
2012 Long-term monitoring of surface deformation over Datun Volcanoes in Northern Taiwan Hong, Yi-Ning; Yang, Feng-Yu; Lin, Shih-Yuan; 林士淵
1997-04 Long-term Relationship Between Financial Variables and Real Estate Cycle in Taiwan 林恩從; 林秋瑾; 張金鶚
1997-04 Long-Term Relationships Between Financial Variables and Real Estate Cycles in Taiwan 林秋瑾; 林恩從; 張金鶚
2016-08 Longitudinal Categorical Data Analysis 游琇婷; Yu, Hsiu-Ting
2017-03 A Longitudinal research of public value and electronic governance development in Taiwan Chu, Pin-Yu; Tseng, Hsien-Lee; Lee, Chung-Pin; Huang, Wan-Ling; Huang, Tong-Yi; Hung, Yung-Tai; 朱斌妤; 黃東益; 洪永泰
2018 Looking for regional convergence: evidence from the italian case with multivariate adaptive regression splines 陳樹衡; Odoardi, Iacopo; Muratore, Fabrizio; Bucciarelli, Edgardo; Chen, Shu-Heng
2017-06 Looking for Regional Convergence: Evidence from the Italian Case with Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines 陳樹衡; Odoardi, Iacopo; Muratore, Fabrizio; Bucciarelli, Edgardo; Chen, Shu-Heng; Chen, Shu-Heng
2003-03 Looking for the Magic Number: the Optimal District Magnitude for Political Parties in d'Hondt PR and SNTV 林繼文

Showing items 2126-2150 of 25261. (1011 Page(s) Totally)
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