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2015-01 Big data in communication studies: A systematic review 林翠絹
2018-05 Big data, the Internet of things, and the interconnected society 劉幼琍; Liu, Yu-li; Chou, Yuntsai Jessica
2003 Broadband Demand, Competition, and Relevant Policy in Taiwan 劉幼琍; Liu, Yu-Li
2008 Broadband Policy, Market Competition, and User Adoption in Taiwan 劉幼琍; Liu, Yu-Li
2016-05 Business Strategies and Revenue Models for Converged Services 劉幼琍; Liu, Yu-li
2014-07 Business Strategies of Converged Services 劉幼琍; Liu, Yu-Li
1995 Call in節目大家談 關尚仁; Kwan, Shang-Ren
2010 Canon Rock自由文化:由創用CC初探 陳右靜
2014 Changes of journalistic practices and workflow in integrated television newsrooms: A multiple case study of early adopters in Taiwan 林翠絹; Lin, T. T. C.
2007-03 Cinema Taiwan: Politics, popularity and state of the arts 陳儒修; Chen, Ru-Shou
2003-10 Cloning, adaptation, import and originality: Taiwan in the global television format business Liu, Yu Li; Chen, Y.-H.; 劉幼琍
2011-07 The closer the relationship, the more the interaction on Facebook? Investigating the case of Taiwan users/ Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking Hsu, Chiung-Wen (Julia); Wang, Ching-Chan; Tai, Yi-Ting; 許瓊文; 王靜蟬; 戴宜庭
1995-07 CNN泰德.透納傳奇--電視新聞傳播的省思 陳清河
2004-05 The Co-opetition Analysis of Digital Television and Broadcasting Video Platform in Taiwan 劉幼琍
2011 Commercialization and sensationalism: comparison of television news in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan(商業化與煽情新聞:中國大陸香港台灣電視新聞比較研究) 林翠絹; Zhou, S.; Lin, T. T. C. (林翠絹); Zhang, C.
1992 Communication in Uncertain Times 黃葳威
2009-09 Communication Strategies Across Religious Culture: taking Christianity and Buddhism in Taiwan as an example 黃葳威
2009 Comparison of Mobile TV in Singapore and Taiwan: A Social-Technical System Approach Lin, Trisha Tsui-Chuan; Liu, Yu-li; 劉幼琍
1996 Competition and TV Content in Taiwan 劉幼琍
2012 Competitive pressure and arousing television news: a cross-cultural study 林翠絹; Vettehen, Hendriks; Zhou, S.; MariskaKleemans; leend'haenens; Lin, T. T. C.
2010 Connection as a Form of Resisting Control: Foreign Domestic Workers' Mobile Phone Use in Singapore 林翠絹; Lin, T. T. C.
2001 A content analysis of television news magazine:commodification and public interest 曾國峰
2014 Content characteristics of IPTV: Analysis of sensationalism, localism, and interactivity 林翠絹; Lin, Trisha T.C.; Zhou, Shuhua; Cui, Di
2013-09 Convergence and regulation of multi-screen television: The Singapore Experience 林翠絹; Lin, T. T. C.
2013-09 Convergence in the Digital Age: Editorial Liu, Yu-li; 劉幼琍

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