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1993 The Presentational Format in Telecourses of School of the Air:A Content Analysis Study 關尚仁
2006-10 Privacy concerns, privacy practices and web site categories: Toward a situational paradigm 許瓊文; Hsu, Chiung‐Wen
2007 Privacy or performance matters on the Internet: Revisiting privacy toward a situational paradigm? 許瓊文
2011-04 Procedural animation for glove puppet show Lin, Chih-Chung; 林志忠; Li, Tsai-Yen; 李蔡彥; Hou, Gee-Chin; 侯志欽
2015 Professional intervention and organizational incorporation: examining journalistic use of microblogs in two Chinese newsrooms 林翠絹; Cui, D.; Lin, T. T. C.
2012-01 Prospect of mobile broadcasting TV in China: Socio-technical analysis of CMMB development 林翠絹; Lin, Trisha T.C.
2012 Prospect of mobile TV broadcasting in China: socio-technical analysis of CMMB's development 林翠絹; Lin, T. T. C.
2018-08 Psychometric evaluation of the Smartphone for Clinical Work Scale to measure nurses' use of smartphones for work purposes Bautista, John Robert; Rosenthal, Sonny; 林翠絹; Lin, Trisha Tsui-Chuan; Theng, Yin-Leng
2000 The re-contextualization of media education and pedagogy in Taiwan--An action research approach. 吳翠珍
2010-03 Re-filing News Images of Government and Political Parties in Taiwanese Democratization, 1988-2000: The Significance of Digitizing Negatives from China Times’ News Photo Division 郭力昕
2013-12 Reconsidering the telecommunication and media regulatory framework in Taiwan: Using the new emerged media as examples. 劉幼琍; Liu, Yu-li; Picard, Robert G.
2014 Reconsidering the telecommunications and media regulatory framework in Taiwan: Using the newly emerging media as examples 劉幼琍; Liu, Yu-li
2016-05 Responding to convergence: Regulating multiscreen television services in Thailand 林翠絹; Lin, Trisha T. C.; Oranop, C.
2016-05 Responding to media convergence: Regulating multi-screen television services in Thailand 林翠絹; Lin, T. T. C.
2002 Restructuring the TV Industry in Taiwan 劉幼琍
2005 Rethinking Mass Media and Interpersonal Communication 黃葳威
2013-04 Rethinking Taiwan’s Universal Service Policy in the Broadband Environment. 劉幼琍; Liu, Yu-li; Wu, Pin-yen
1998 Retrieving Taiwan Cinema: the Database of Taiwan Cinema 盧非易
2009 Review of individual economies: Taiwan Liu, Yu-li; Wang, Eunice Hsiao-hui; 劉幼琍
2002-08 The right of acceess to mass media for deaf citizens in Taiwan . The right of acceess to mass media for deaf citizens in Taiwan 黃葳威
2002-12 The role of internet in attributional confidence and adaptation: taking Chinese immigrants in Richmond Surrey and Vancouver as an example 黃葳威
2005-07 the role of internet in undertainty reduction and adaptation: taking Chinese immigrants in Austin , Texas as an example 黃葳威
2010 The role of the Internet on Taiwan’s civil movements: its contributions and side effects 許瓊文
2001-10 Routing Properties of Supercubes 許志堅; Sheu, Jyh-Jian; Tan, Jimmy J.M.; Hsu, Lih-Hsing
1993-01 Scarcity of Spectrum: Its Meanings and Applications in the U.S., thethe U.K., the Former West Germany, and Japan 劉幼琍

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